CVX021 Contactless Mask-Proof Facial Recognition Terminal with Thermometer

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The CVX021 is a high-performance facial recognition reader and thermal camera all in one. This device is designed to help prevent the spread of viruses by identifying fever and potential cases. The CVX021 terminal incorporates thermal imaging cameras to spot people with elevated temperatures and can send alerts to users of the software. The versatility and features of the CVX021 make it an excellent choice for temperature screening stations everywhere.


Data Sheet / Product Guide  – CVX021

Operation Manual – CVX021

Database Import Manual – MoFace Software

Installation Manual – CVX021 Facial Recognition

App Installation for Android – CVX021 Facial Recognition


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The CVX021 is a high-performance facial recognition reader and thermal detection camera all in one. Many institutions now have employee temperature screening and perform readings manually. The CVX021 device reduces costs and increases efficiency compared to staffed temperature screening procedures. Upon detecting a fever, the device responds with light and sound, takes a photo, and can email a report to users of the included MoFace software. The CVX021 reads temperature within 0.3 degrees up to 2 feet away with accuracy. It can be used as a standalone terminal or integrated with other equipment. The versatility and features of the CVX021 make it an excellent choice for touchless biometric access control.

The CVX021 terminal incorporates thermal imaging cameras to help spot people with elevated temperatures and send pop-up alerts and emails to the software users. Mounted on a post, wall, door frame, or turnstile, the scanner can be programmed to allow access by permitted temperature range. It supports facial recognition even when users are wearing a mask – using a powerful embedded camera and the latest face and demographic recognition algorithm. The camera reads the facial characteristics that are not covered, including eyes, eyebrows, and parts of the nasal bridge, to identify users so that they can keep their masks on at all times while still gaining access to their facilities. It can also flag people who aren’t wearing the protective coverings and require them to wear a mask to gain access to a building. This technology applies to manufacturing facilities, hospitals, buses, schools, government facilities, and numerous other industries.


  • Detect people with elevated temperatures
  • Identify users so that they can keep their masks on at all times.
  • Allow entry only by permitted temperature range.
  • Flag people who aren’t wearing protective coverings
  • Increase the ease and efficiency of temperature checks


  • The thermal camera detects an elevated temperature
  • Displays in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Alarm sounds and red light flashes on high temperature (volume adjustable)
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: Plus or minus 0.3 degrees
  • Supports Facial Recognition even when wearing a face mask
  • Supports 20,000+ faces in the database
  • 8-inch HD Highlight LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Internal Star Light Wide dynamic-level camera
  • Optimal imaging in complex lighting environments, automatic exposure
  • In-depth learning algorithms designed for speed and accuracy
  • Monocular-visible living algorithms, support for photos, videos, anti-spoof
  • Support for multiple recognition modes: Face, Face + Card, Smart Cards
  • A built-in wide dynamic infrared camera and temperature measurement module
  • The device uploads directly to a data network in real-time and learns faces with ‘cached’ images
  • Uses new or imported identification numbers
  • Face blacklist controls
  • Supports login management, query and set device parameters, data import/export
  • Supports USB interface to an external ID card reader (Optional built-in ID card reader)
  • Authentication result output in fixed voice prompts
  • Relay switch output through international standard Wiegand protocol (W26 \ W34)
  • Weather-resistant design, IP 54
  • Specify Wall Mount, Pole Mount, Floor Stand, or Table Base. We can also mount your unit directly into the top of a turnstile.
  • Units are turned on and tested for 48 hours before shipment.
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 11.49 x  5.11 x 1.33 inches
  • SHIPPING PACKAGE (per 1 standard unit): size 15 x 5 x 7 in, weight 12 lbs


  • System: Android 5.1, Windows OS
  • Screen size: 8 inches
  • Resolution: 800 x 1280 portrait
  • Face Capacity: 20,000
  • Accuracy/passing rate: 99%
  • Device response time: 0.2ms
  • Facial Recognition time:  0.65ms
  • Facial recognition distance: 12 – 59 inches (up to 5 feet)
  • Temperature read distance: 8 – 24 inches (up to 2 feet)
  • Temperature range:  50° F ~ 122° F  (10℃~ 50℃)
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.3 degrees
  • Units Display: °Celsius or °Fahrenheit
  • Support card: EM/Mifare (option)
  • Relay control: NC/No/Com
  • Protection Level: IP54 Rated, dust and water-resistant
  • Communication: TCP/IP, Wiegand ( W26 / W34)
  • Product Dimensions/Size:  11.49 x  5.11 x 1.33 inches  (292 x 130 x 34mm)





See more photos and video from this installation >> J.G. Kern, Sterling Heights, MI






  • Does software come with it?
    • Yes. Receive a link to Download MoFace Software Personnel Access System that works with the device’s built-in app. It is a browser-accessible enrollment software (local to your computer network) to track the unit’s activities.
  • Are there advanced software options?
    • Yes. EntraPASS Access Control Software has extensive capabilities and works with the CVX021. Administrators can define or modify parameters such as schedules or access levels, generate reports and activate controlled devices (locking/ unlocking doors, or enabling relays for lighting or air conditioning, time and attendance, live monitoring, web, and mobile control). EntraPASS offers integration with video management systems, turnstile access control units, intrusion alarm panels, and more.
  • Can this be used as a standalone unit?
    • Yes. You may program all information to the unit independently and operate without desktop computer software.
  • Can this be installed by the user if used as a standalone unit?
    • Yes. Intuitive on-screen prompts lead you through the setup. See our documentation for more information.
  • Are there mounts provided with the unit?
    • Yes. Standard Wall Mount or Post Mount included. The Wall Mount attaches with two screws (included) and has an adjustable hinge so the screen can be angled. The standard Post Mount attaches by a 1 1/4″  threaded coupler.
  • Are there other optional mounts to purchase?
    • Yes. An optional Stainless Steel Post, Lighted Floor Stand, or Tabletop Base is available. We also make custom bases, boxes, covers, posts, platforms, etc.  Contact us for a quote.
  • How is the unit powered?
    • The CVX021 requires a standard 12V power supply. An unlock signal trips the relay upon a safe temperature reading. No signal is sent (and the door remains locked) upon a high-temperature reading.
  • Is this item NDAA Compliant?
    • Yes. The motherboard of the CVX021 uses Rockchip technology from Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics CO. Ltd.



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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 7 in

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