MST-150 Optical Turnstile with Metal Detection

The MST150 is an optical turnstile with a built-in metal detector. Its slim profile and absence of an overhead panel give the unit an unencumbered, open appearance. The combined functions of the device greatly enhance security level and boost the efficiency of security checks – all in one sleek device. Add facial recognition and temperature detection for a complete entrance screening station.

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The MST150 is an optical turnstile with a sleek built-in metal detector which enhances security level and greatly boosts the efficiency of security checks. By combining inspection and access control, manpower can be saved. The technology is applicable to any facility that requires security inspection management.

The integrated metal detector and turnstile check for metal items hidden on the body – and control the gate accordingly. When the passengers pass through the device, if they aren’t carrying metals, the indicator light turns green, the gate opens automatically, and the passengers can pass. If they are carrying more metals than the preset parameter’s value, the device would alarm immediately, the indicator light turns red, the gate will not open, and the passenger can’t pass.

Data Sheet – MST-150

User Manual – MST150



  • Integrated design of a metal detector and turnstile.
  • No overhead module design.
  • Simple structure and configuration, easy to maintain.
  • 15 detection zones, sensitivity is adjustable for each zone.
  • Built-in LED display, easy to configure
  • Audio/visual alarms and passing indicators.
  • Servomotor with high transmission efficiency and control precision
  • Anti-pinch and Anti-tailgating.



Detection Zones 15 zones
Sensitivity 100 levels
Frequency Channel 12
Alarm Relay 1-3 s
Open Duration 0.8s (adjustable)
Delay Close 0-5s
Throughput Speed Maximum 30/minute
Movement Swing
Infrared Sensor 8 pairs
Lid Material Tempered pass
Weight  232kg (with packaging)
External Dimensions(mm) 1620 (H)*1100 (D)*1700 (L)
Channel Dimensions(mm) 1620 (H)*720 (D)*1700 (L)
Work Frequency 4KH-8KH
Working Environment Indoor
Working Temperature -28°C ~ +50°C
Working Humidity 20%-95% (non-condensing)
Input Voltage 100 ~240V, 50/60Hz


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Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 50 in

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