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Full Height Turnstile GS - BA3-1-3

Single, full height turnstile. The three sections of the rotor arms allow for comfortable passage. The device designed to assist pedestrian access control at guarded passage ways. Examples of use: points of ticket control and access control for passenger traffic; airports/seaports; passages for authorised personnel, directing passanger traffic; points of access control in secured buildings (e.g. state offices such as border crossing points, other services); points of ticket control and fees at museums, theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, fair areas, show facilities, paid toilets, points of ticket control at sports facilities, e.g. swimming pools, stadiums, other sports and show facilities; access and time attendance control points in working places, e.g. offices, dedicated areas in factories..).

Speed Gates GS GT-1-170


Speed Gates Turnstiles GS GT-1-170

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Speed Gates Turnstiles
GS GT-1-170

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Speed Gates Turnstiles
GS GT-1-170

Gates are designed for continuous operation and assisting

pedestrian access control at high density of pedestrian traffic

zones, inside building under direct control.

The gates are equipped with glass arms with a height of


Typical usage:

• passenger traffic ticket and access control points,

• airports/seaports,

• authorized personnel entry points, passenger flow direction,

• access control points in secure buildings (e.g. federal

facilities, including border crossings, departments, other

agencies and branches,

• ticket control and fee collection points at museums,

theaters, exhibitions, fairs, arenas, pay tiolets, ticket

control points in sport facilities, e.g. wimming pools, stadiums,



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