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Turnstile Security Systems and Controlled Access Systems

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Turnstile Swing Gates HR1

The full height security turnstile swing gate HR1 is designed for assisting pedestrian access control at guarded passageways, inside buildings and on the outside (under roofing). Devices are intended for cooperation with electronic systems of pedestrian traffic and personal access control as supplementary devices to turnstiles for passage ways where strict access control is not required and wide passage way is a key factor.


Turnstile Swing Gates HR1


Turnstile Swing Gates HR1

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Turnstile Swing Gates

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Turnstile Swing Gates
HR1 Series


Each version can be composed of stainless steel arm

(HR1-M/A) or glass arm (HR1-M/A-S).

Examples of use:

• points of ticket control/access control and

• passenger traffic,

• authorized personnel only passage ways, as well • as directing passenger traffic,

• points of ticket control and fees

• e.g. to sports facilities, show facilities, exhibition

• halls, theaters, cinemas,

access and time attendance

• control points in working places e.g. dedicated areas • in factories, offices.




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