Ritz Carlton Hotel – Lake Tahoe, California

We provided The Ritz Carlton with our Employee Dining Room Meal Tracking System (MTS), designed for facilities with employee cafeterias to help manage their food budgets. The system combines the latest hardware and software technologies to create an electronically-managed entry terminal on each food line. With some facilities estimating up to 35% of employees skipping payment in food lines, the potential savings by eliminating this practice is enormous. The MTS is composed of a powerful combination of network-ready EntraPASS security management software, heavy duty turnstiles for access control and accurate identification methods.

Existing Employee Dining Room

TURNSTILES.us Employee Meal Tracking System

Customer Comments

"We certainly have seen savings and they are greater than what I had projected. We were only averaging 70 purchases per day on the honor system but now average over 110. Improving payments by over 50% alone is a strong enough ROI to justify the expense. I do think more properties could benefit from this style system."
Steven Fowler
Assistant Director of Finance - The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe, CA
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