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www.TURNSTILES.us – General Terms and Conditions


Use of service is conditioned on acceptance of these Terms. These Terms apply to all who access, use, or make a purchase from www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. In these Terms, Parties shall henceforth be known as “Contractor” (Your Company) and “Subcontractor” (www.TURNSTILES.us).

All parties will be responsible to participate in phone or email communications as necessary to complete transactions. The Contractor agrees to provide the Subcontractor with project and order information that is accurate, complete, and perpetual. If necessary, Non-Disclosure Agreements shall be signed as pertinent to the contract.


Proposals contain descriptions and prices for Subcontractor’s Products and Services. Payments are accepted according to the following Terms.

1. Payment Terms for Purchase of Products:
Invoice #1 – 50% deposit due with order
Invoice #2 – 50% deposit due before release of shipment


2. Payment Terms for Installations:
Invoice #1 – Initial – 50% deposit due with order
Invoice #2 – Progress – 45% due before release of shipment
Invoice #3 – Final – 5% due immediately upon completion of the installation


Methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Discover, Company Check, and Wire-Transfer are accepted.
www.TURNSTILES.us proposals contain final figures and additional banking details.
Credit Card Fee  4.3%
eCheck Fee $ 15.00
Wire Transfer Fee $ 25.00


Subcontractor pays taxes for their purchase of materials and goods. Subcontractor does not collect sales tax from Contractor. Any additional sales or use tax will be the responsibility of Contractor.



Contracts cannot be canceled out of convenience. All sales are final. If a third-party job is lost, buyers are still responsible for payment in full, on schedule with payment terms defined in terms and conditions. PWP Agreements (Paid When Paid) are not accepted.

Any contract over two pages requires initial attorney review at a fee of $3500.00. This includes review, redlining and redacting of the original contract if deemed necessary. You will receive the attorney statement and typed notes to incorporate into your contract document so that it may be resubmitted for signature. Initial review does not guarantee engagement in the contract.  

Scope of Work for Turnstile Installations

This attachment contains the Terms and Conditions to which the Subcontractor agrees to adhere while performing field installation in accordance with our scope of work.

The scope of work agreement between Contractor and Subcontractor fine details are defined on a per-project basis. Specifications beyond coverage by these terms shall be communicated by telephone, email, and supplementary documentation.


Subcontractor will provide AutoCAD created and published Equipment Location Details, Construction Drawings and Point-to-Point Wiring Schematics, as pertinent to the contract.

If Contractor requires drawings for Permitting, Subcontractor will work with a local Professional Engineer to obtain a P. E. Stamp (seal) on Subcontractor drawings. Costs to have an Engineer stamp Subcontractor drawing for Permitting will be reimbursed by Contractor. Any drawing markups will be corrected for a complete set of As-Built Drawings.


The Contractor will review and complete Subcontractor’s required paperwork, verifying contact name, phone number, address, shipping location, and product manufacturing directions. Contractor agrees to sign production sheets and drawings for approval.


Once approved, orders are final and sent to manufacturing and/or fulfillment. Engineering and drafting hours, manufacturing lead times, installation days on site, and shipping times are estimated before execution and are subject to change.

Manufacturers reserve the right to make changes to equipment appearance and/or design if necessary during the fabrication of equipment. The subcontractor shall communicate with the Contractor should any circumstances arise that require a change in design. It is our objective to provide products that are soundly constructed and fully functional for their intended purposes and comply with the order specifications as closely as possible.


The Subcontractor will ship all material to the address stated as the SHIP-TO on the purchase order.
Shipping methods are consolidated as much as possible however some orders may ship in multiple boxes and/or deliveries. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to opt for and purchase shipping insurance.

Contractor shall receive the delivery, sign, and approve it for acceptable condition, completeness, and correctness. If there are any missing items, the Contractor shall notate that on the delivery slip and have the driver acknowledge with signature. If any items are damaged or incorrect, the Contractor shall document them by taking photos, having the driver sign a damage form, and reporting it to TURNSTILES.us.


Contractor will supply a forklift to offload and store the equipment until Installers’ arrival. When Installers arrive on site, they will require the use of the Contractor’s forklift and/or pallet jack to move the equipment from storage to the location of the installation. If a forklift or pallet jack is not provided by Contractor, one will be rented, and the Contractor will be responsible to reimburse the rental cost.


A minimum of two weeks’ prior notice is required for scheduling an installation. Subcontractor will state the approximate number of days on site in the Proposal. Contractor will allow the Installers access to the site as scheduled and complete any prerequisite paperwork before the installation day.

The job site must be ready when the Installers arrive on site. Unless otherwise stated on the Subcontractor proposal, the installation area concrete is to be cured and level, conduit and electrical supplied to a junction box, and there must be room to work. Access to an on site garbage container or location is also necessary.

If the fire alarm is to be integrated with equipment provided by the Subcontractor, the Contractor’s fire alarm vendor will be responsible for running cable from Contractor Fire Alarm Panel to Subcontractor equipment. Subcontractor will identify the area to land the wire and test for functionality.

A Customer-Appointed, Licensed Electrician is required for wiring over 100 volts (110 is common). 

Provide an internet connection for the system.


Installers are factory technicians and have OSHA 30 Certificates and will clear all Federal background checks. Each Installer is well-qualified and dedicated to maintaining the highest company standards.

Installers will arrive on site and all equipment will be installed following proper procedures to a professional standard. One Day of Field Labor is 8-hours long and occurs during daytime hours. At the end of each day, debris will be removed and hand tools will be put away and either stored in a lockable, secure container or removed from the job site.

If coordination with other service providers is necessary, such as a licensed Electrician (High Voltage by Electrical Contractor only), the Contractor will arrange for them to be on site or readily communicative at the time of installation. The supply of conduit and 120VAC up to the turnstiles as well as (if applicable) a conduit to access control devices is required as a part of the site preparation.

The Subcontractor is responsible for the wiring of turnstile-to-turnstile communication and will show the Electrician where to land AC wiring to the Equipment. When finished, the Installers will dispose of all their pallets, packaging, and debris in a dumpster provided by the Contractor and leave the work area cleaner than when they arrived.

The Subcontractor is responsible for work described in the scope of work. If Contractor requests work that is above and beyond the contracted scope of work, Contractor will be billed Subcontractors daily rate of pay for all Installers. Contractor will be responsible to reimburse Subcontractor for additional costs incurred (Hotel, Rental Car, Change of Airplane Date and Time, Per Diem, Daily Pay, etc.) If Subcontractor’s work takes longer than stated in the proposal, through no fault of Contractor, Subcontractor will not request reimbursement.

**When Installation is complete, contractor signs our Final Acceptance Of Work


The use of photos taken of projects belonging to TURNSTILES.us is prohibited without express written permission. 


Provided there is power at the time of the installation, the Installers will proceed with functionality testing and end-user training.  At which time the equipment and related hardware have been installed and relevant wiring has been completed as is acceptable, activation and verification of proper operability of the equipment can be performed. Equipment Manuals and Operation Instructions can be provided and if necessary, training for the End User (Owner and or Operator) shall be administered regarding the maintenance and programming capabilities of the equipment. Upon completion, the Contractor will sign Installer documents and at that time manufacturer warranty on the product begins.


Subcontractors Liability Insurance is from an AAA Rated Insurance Company.  If Contractor requires additional insurance from Subcontractor, Subcontractor will be responsible for reimbursement of all costs. Subcontractor may decline to offer the additional requested insurance. 

Subcontractor will not bond without assurance. Contractor would have to deposit Subcontractor entire payment into a third-party managed escrow account.


All sales are final as a standard policy. No refunds or returns are granted without express permission. Turnstiles, gates, canopies, and other items are custom produced and fulfilled once they are submitted for production. We do our absolute best to provide our products and services with accuracy and precision and to handle any circumstance gracefully with the shared goal of providing the best quality turnstiles and installation services possible.


Our products and services are provided on a custom-built and arranged, as-is, as-available basis. Manufacturer warranties are included with most products. Products and services are provided without warranties unless expressly stated. Labor is not warranted. Please contact us with inquiries about the warranty offered for a specific product.


Use of service is at the Contractor’s sole risk. Subcontractor services are provided on a custom-built and arranged, as-is, as-available basis. Unless expressly stated, service is provided without warranties of any kind, including inferred warranties, product availability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or course of performance.


Subcontractor may terminate or suspend access to services without prior notice or liability if Contractor breaches the Terms. Upon termination, Contractor’s right to use services provided by the Subcontractor will cease and may incur restocking and/or cancellation fees, determined on a per-project basis. All provisions of the Terms which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, Subcontractor policies, and limitations of liability.


Subcontractor reserves the right to modify or replace these Terms at any time. Any changes will be presented on the Subcontractor website ( www.TURNSTILES.us ) in a visible location in the text.


If you have any questions regarding these Terms, please contact www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc.

Copyright Policy


All text, photographs and images on www.TURNSTILES.us are copyrighted.

The text, photographs and images displayed on www.TURNSTILES.us and any other site under the AVLELEC2 Server domains are the property of www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. and are protected by United States and International copyright laws. All copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property on this site are the property of either www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. or their respective copyright holders.

The use of text or image content from projects belonging to TURNSTILES.us is prohibited. Copyright ownership of images produced for company projects while under contract belongs to www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. by default. A license to use content freely for personal or commercial applications is available with written permission.

Express written permission must be granted (copyright holder, www.TURNSTILES.us,Inc.), in order to use content for any purpose that is not outlined in this policy. Your use of www.TURNSTILES.us or viewing of this statement indicates your acceptance of these conditions.


The following are a list of conditions where www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. gives individuals permission to link to (or copy) JPEG images and other material at no charge:

  • Anyone may save or print a copy of any content for personal reference without further permission.
  • Buyers and designers are welcome to download images and incorporate them into their project plans or presentations for the purpose of visualization and in consideration of purchase of products or services from www.TURNSTILES.us, so long as proper citation is given.
  • Students are welcome to download images and incorporate them into non-commercial reports and presentations so long as proper citation is given.

These permissions do not allow content to be used for any commercial purpose without the written consent of www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc.


The following conditions define www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. authorization for sharing photography, images and other copyrighted work to Social Media sites and the Internet, free of charge, as long the result of sharing is a link or text citation back to www.TURNSTILES.us or its subdomains.

Sharing of the copyrighted work is for personal, non-commercial use. The copyrighted work must not be altered or changed in any way and, other than the thumbnail displayed as a result of sharing, must be presented in their original form. Copyrighted work cannot be copied and pasted to other sites. The preferred method of sharing is to use social media icons or to share URL links.


Those persons who wish to use the photographs, images and other work found on this site in a commercial fashion, (for remarketing, outside bidding, etc.) must receive express written consent prior to its commercial use. To obtain consent, interested parties should send an e-mail to Patrick.McAllister@TURNSTILES.us. In that e-mail the following should be addressed:

  • Image(s)/content you would like to use
  • Where they will be displayed
  • How they will be displayed
  • Intent of its display
  • Duration of their public viewing

Any commercial use of copyrighted works without prior consent is a violation of United States and International copyright law.
Thank you for kindly respecting this policy.

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