High Security Turnstiles

If you’ve been searching for Security Turnstiles, we’ve got you covered.

We are a U.S.A. manufacturer that’s earned the rigorous ISO: 9001-2015 certification; Turnstiles are built in Ohio and shipped worldwide. We offer a wide range of turnstiles including full-height, waist-high, optical turnstiles, and ADA security gates, tripod turnstiles, pass through turnstiles, and many more. Additionally, we offer them in stainless steel, powder-coated, galvanized, and polycarbonate.

With over three decades of experience in providing high-quality turnstiles to the industry, there is no better place to shop than TURNSTILES.us. Our team works hard to ensure our clients receive dedicated service and expertise.

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Full Height Turnstiles

  1. HS400 Series Single Full Height Turnstiles
  1. HS400 Series Tandem Full Height Turnstiles
  1. HS336 / HS348 ADA High Security Gates
  1. T80 Tiffany Series Full Height Turnstiles
  1. P60 Tiffany Series Full Height Turnstiles
  1. RD70 Monitor Polycarbonate TurnstileS

Waist High Turnstiles

  1. BR5500 / BR5000 Brute Series tripod Turnstiles
  1. FastPass Series tripod Turnstiles
  1. Executive Series tripod Turnstiles
  1. PassThru Series tripod Turnstiles
  1. Waist High ADA swing Gates
  1. Portable Turnstiles

Optical Turnstiles

  1. Beacon Series Optical Turnstiles
  1. Executive Series Optical Barrier Turnstiles


  1. Card Reader Mounting Plate

*Card reader mounting plate requires

For mounting most standard card readers.

All of these turnstiles may be controlled with an existing Access Control System.


  1. 6500 Control Head Mechanism

Certified as an ETL recognized component, the 6500 Control Head is a highly customizable, modular control system. No matter what your security issues are, this is your solution.

* Many of our Full Height and Waist High Turnstiles operate with:

(1) control head for Single and (2) for Tandem

  • Manual two-way (No Charge)
  • Manual one-way: No passage in opposite direction (No Charge)
  • Electronically-controlled One Way / Free Exit
  • Electronically-controlled One Way / No Exit
  • Electronically-controlled Both Ways
  1. Color Count Tower

Our tower counting light indicators can tell a store or facility manager how many individuals have entered and left through your turnstiles in real time.

A PLC system counts and adjusts the numbers as people come and go. It provides a visual approximation of the current occupancy level.

The color will become more intense and shift from green to yellow to orange to red based on the number of attendees who have entered or will recede back on the scale as people leave through the turnstiles.


Read more about the Color Count Tower

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