FastPass FP500-ADA-PC Portable Swing Gate with Coin/Token Acceptor

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The FastPass Series FP-ADA-PC Portable Gate with Token Acceptor is made for years of reliable service in high traffic/volume applications like stadiums, convention centers, museums, theatres, stores, schools, student/employee lunch lines, and more. The cabinets are constructed of heavy 14-gauge, 300 series satin stainless steel and feature our 6500 Series Control Head (with auto-indexing and shock suppression technology). Thousands are currently in use at leading pro-sports venues, amusement parks, and high-profile attractions worldwide. The FastPass is the ticket to managing large crowds with reliability and speed. This model is special because it is Portable, Motorized, ADA-width, and has a double-tray coin collection box built-in with 5,000 custom tokens.

Data Sheet – FastPass FP500-ADA-PC Portable Swing Gate with Coin/Token Acceptor
Data Sheet – Tokens for Coin Acceptor

Installation Manual – FP500-ADA Swing Gate
Installation Manual – FP500-C Coin Accepting

Production Worksheet for Manufacturing – Swing Gate


  • FP500-ADA Swing Gate Turnstile
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Motorized rotation for no-contact passage
  • Can be programmed for entrance and exit
  • Coin/Token Acceptor controls the gate
  • Double removable trays hold up to 500 coins
  • ADA Accessible 36-39″ Passage
  • Non-Slip Portable Base Plate on 2 Wheels
  • BONUS: Includes 5,000 Custom Tokens!



  • This Portable Gate on wheels can be moved when necessary (ex. outside during the day, bring inside at night)
  • Generous width, easy accessibility for everyone (36″ arm and 2-3″ gap to the railing)
  • Motorized swing gate with sensors moves automatically
  • Collect payment for entry system, deter theft and vandalism
  • Benefits of Tokens:
    • Re-usable – purchase once, use them for years
    • Increased profits through “walkaway” tokens that are sold and not redeemed
    • Permanently imprinted with your business name, logo and contact information
    • Choose from stock design or use your own design
    • Switching to tokens from quarters is easy



  • Upgrade to Bill Collector, Card Reader, or Ticket Machine
  • Home Position Switch – Additional limit switch provides an SPDT output while at home for security integration
  • Bidirectional Key Override Set for Manual or Electric 2-Way Units – Available only as electronic 2-way fail-open
  • Daylight Visible Indicator Lights – A tri-color (R/G/Y) indicator light. Most models only use R/G.
  • Request to Exit ADA Placard Button with Plastic Surface Mount Enclosure – Rectangular or round
  • Custom Arm Lengths (up to 40” for ADA models only)
  • Lexan Arms (FastPass and Executive Series ADA models only)
  • 8 Digit Key Resettable LCD counter with 7 year Lithium Battery
  • Single or Double Push Button (installed on-site)
  • One Channel 900 MHz Wireless Receiver (one per direction)
  • One or Two Button Wireless Key Fob Transmitter
  • Battery Back-Up – 12ah battery kit with 2x 12VDC batteries & 2 amp 24VDC charger


  • Manual Both Ways
  • Manual One Way / No Passage in Opposite Direction
  • Electronic One Way / Free Exit
  • Electronic One Way / No Exit
  • Electronic Both Ways
    *Each electronically controlled direction can be configured as FAIL LOCK (fail secure) or FAIL OPEN (fail-safe) upon power loss



Above: FastPass ADA Gate *Portable Base Not Shown.



*Contact us for a freight quote.

Additional information

Weight 190 lbs

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