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Turnstiles and Gates

TURNSTILES.us is proud to provide all types of turnstiles and gates for access control. For help determining what type of turnstile is right for you, check out our Turnstile Selection Guide.

Access Control Equipment

Make the most out of your turnstiles and increase your security capabilities with Access Control hardware and software. Whether you’re looking for a fullly designed and built security entrance – or a simple entrance count – we’ve got you covered.

EntraPASS Software >>

Award-Winning Access Control Security Software
Special - Corporate - Global Edition

EntraPASS Workstations >>

Pre-Programmed Access Control
Computer Workstations

EntraPASS Security Packages >>

Complete Security Kits with
Our Most Popular Components

Card Readers >>

Proximity Readers, Mag Stripe, Bar Code
Contact/Contactless SmartCard Readers

Biometric Readers >>

Fingerprint Scanners
Facial Recognition Technology

Card Printers >>

Printers for Full-Color Secure Photo-ID Cards
Encoders for Proximity and SmartCards

Canopies, Buildings, Partitions and Barriers

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