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Providing Exceptional Turnstile Security Systems, Inc. and Outlaw Industries, LLC have been serving the Turnstile Industry for decades, offering a variety of solutions for federal, state, and local agencies. We have the advantage of being able to help you establish your secure entrance from the ground up with design-build systems, AutoCAD Drafting, 3D Rendering, and our Installation Services. Browse our selection of Security and Protection equipment and supplies.

GSA Contract History

www.TURNSTILES.US, INC.  and  Outlaw Industries LLC are delighted to provide our Government with Exceptional, High-Quality Product, and Pride in Workmanship. Our joint venture in the security turnstile industry has a long history of bringing the highest quality products to every one of our GSA Contracts. See more about our history below. See our supplies and services including Turnstiles, ADA Gates, Speed Gates, Optical Turnstiles, Man Traps, Turnstile Canopies, EntraBOX Modular Buildings, EntraPASS Security Systems, Electronics, Locks, Door Controllers, ID Card Access, Biometric Access Control, and Turnstile System Installation Services.  

Extended through 2025


Federal U.S. Government
SAM Registered DUNS #181428611

HUBZone Certified Business

HUBZone Certified Businesses operate and employ people within Qualified regions of the U.S.A. Outlaw Industries is a HUBZone Certified Business – our products are manufactured in Calhan, CO – a beautiful and remote Midwestern area. We employ local craftsmen, builders, and suppliers – proud to support families and protect people by providing excellent products and services to our government contracts. 

Outlaw Industries LLC

Federal U.S. Government
SAM Registered DUNS #081466467

Pre-Approved Access Control Systems

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Outlaw EGC Enclosed Glass Canopy

Protect your turnstiles and gate equipment from the elements with the Outlaw EGC Enclosed Glass Canopy. The EGC is a hand-fabricated shelter that features a steel frame, beautiful storefront glass, and heavy-duty roofing with built-in gutter and downspouts. Let in the light or get the glass tinted. Choose galvanized steel or have it painted with RAL or custom colors. Select-A-Size by the foot. These canopies outperform the highest wind and snow load requirements in America. The glass panel walls provide side and roofline security while adding sophistication to your turnstile entrance.


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Outlaw Man-Trap Fence Enclosure

The Outlaw Man-Trap Fence Enclosure is a security portal that monitors and controls two interlocking doors that cannot be open simultaneously. Either one of the doors can be unlocked and opened, as long as the other door is locked and closed. Between these interlocking doors is a small, secure space, which

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Outlaw Anti-Reach Barrier

The Outlaw Anti-Reach Barrier is a specialized accessory that could be critical to the security of your turnstile arrangement. When a turnstile is placed next to an ADA door, it is possible for a person to reach through the turnstile bars from the outside and push the door open. The Anti-Reach Barrier with its steel frame and mesh panel prevents reach-through to reinforce the security of your turnstile and gate system.


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VT3 Vaportite Industrial LED Light

The VT3 Series is an energy-efficient industrial Vaportite fixture that features rugged and durable construction. The VT3 incorporates a sealed and gasketed, reinforced fiberglass housing with a high impact diffuser. This VT3 optical performance is ideal for interior and exterior applications including security entrance lighting, turnstile canopies, 24-hour garages, manufacturing,

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Stop and Go LED Light

Stop & Go LED communication lights alert to the locked or unlocked status of an access controlled entrance. Made from durable plastic, the unit will not rust, pit, or corrode. Integral eyebrow sun visors provide improved visibility, shielding lamps from the glaring sun, or freezing snow. Stop & Go lights

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Outlaw Chain Link Security Fence Filler Panel

When a turnstile is located next to an ADA door, it is often possible to reach through the turnstile bars from the outside and push the door open. The Outlaw Chain Link Security Fence Filler Panel prevents these security breaches. This simple fence barrier panel may be a critical consideration in

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Outlaw Standard Turnstile Canopy

The Outlaw Standard Turnstile Canopy includes a single-pitched metal roof with built-in gutter (no walls) and four posts. The four posts are designed to be recessed 3 feet into a concrete foundation and to exceed your county wind and snow load requirements. Integrate with turnstiles, solar power, counters, card readers, electronically controlled access system, and more. Outlaw Industries proudly builds all of its products by hand in the USA and can customize your canopy to order.


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