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EntraBOX Interior

TURNSTILES.us is proud to bring you EntraBOX, the all-encompassing solution to your entrance management needs. We design, build and install custom Turnstile Enclosures, Secure Lobbies, and All-In-One Entrances.

EntraBOX Interior represents our custom-built indoor security entrance lobbies. (For weatherproof outdoor entrances, see Turnstile Canopies.) Partitions and barriers to properly block off an area are a critical part of most turnstile arrangements. We offer barriers in Storefront Glass, Polycarbonate, Chain Link, or Steel with Mesh. Partitions can be low or tall – and styled to achieve the desired aesthetic. Quote To Order – Contact the team at TURNSTILES.us to discuss your project.

Chain-Link Fence Enclosures

Our chain-link fence enclosures create a secured area around a turnstile and gate. Units can be built fully enclosed with a roof, freestanding, or it can attach to the surrounding walls and ceiling. Custom configurations and sizes are available to fit in your space. 

Man-Trap Door Fence Enclosure

Chain-Link Entrance Enclosure,
Single Turnstile and ADA Gate

Chain Link Fence Barrier

See some examples of our product installations. Order yours now!

JG Kern - Sterling Heights, MI
Continental Structural Plastics - N. Baltimore, OH
Karma Automotive - Moreno Valley, CA
Purolator Oil - Fayetteville, NC
VA CMOP - Charleston, SC
VA CMOP - Leavenworth, KS

Storefront Glass Enclosures

Our Storefront Glass not only looks beautiful, but also provides the solid construction and you need from a security barrier. Secure the area around turnstiles and gates with a custom fitted glass wall. Partitions can be used on the sides or above your entrance equipment to prevent people from climbing over. The track we typically use is 4″ wide aluminum extrusion. Custom configurations and sizes are available to fit in your space.

Get your company logo or text etched into the glass, window tint, or custom track colors!

Storefront Glass Panels

Storefront Glass Arch

Storefront Glass Full Enclosure

Storefront Glass ‘T’ with Sliding Doors

Storefront Glass Full Height
Barrier Walls

Storefront Glass Full Height
Barrier – L Shape

See some examples of our storefront glass entrance installations. Order yours now!

Mary Kay, Lewisville, TX
Optical Turnstile with Storefront and Door
L2 - Dallas, Texas
Optical Turnstiles with Glass Partition
Caterpillar - Lafayette, IN
Storefront Glass Enclosure
C&C Group - Earth City, MO
Optical Turnstile with Glass Pony Wall
L1 - Dallas, Texas
Optical Turnstile with Storefront Partition
Kraft Heinz Foods - AK
Storefront Glass Walkway and Partitions

Post and Railing / Post and Glass

Frameless Post and Glass

Square Post and Glass

Post and Glass Round Frame

Chrome Plated Railing

Gene Snyder Courthouse - Louisville, KY
Bronze Custom Post and Glass
Ritz Carlton Hotel - Lake Tahoe, CA
Stainless Round Post and Rail
Advanced Technologies - Nigeria
Post and Railing

Full-Height Filler Barriers

We carry filler barrier panels to match any of our turnstiles and gates – clear polycarbonate, vertical bars, or steel mesh. 

Polycarbonate Divider
Round Frame

Polycarbonate Divider
Square Frame

Steel Vertical Bars Filler Barrier

Steel Mesh Filler Barrier

ag30t usa turnstile installation
Steel Mesh Full Height Barrier (Center)
Steel Mesh Climbover Barriers (Top)
Steel Mesh Infills (Top and Side)

Custom Entrance Designs with Barriers

Click to enlarge the photos – See more of our 3D Renderings Here!

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