EntraBOX Interior Security Entrances

Turnstile Entrances, Enclosures, and Partitions


– Chain-link Cage Enclosure

– Storefront Glass Enclosure (with Ceiling and Fan)

– Storefront Glass Partitions (Open Roof)

Chain Link Cage Enclosure
Glass Enclosure
Custom Glass Partition
Custom Glass Security Entrance with Turnstiles and ADA Door

System Integration Options

All-In-One Security Entrances

USA Turnstiles, ADA Gates
Turnstile Canopies and Enclosures
Variety of Colors and Finishes
Made in the USA Steel Construction
Anti-Reach Barriers
Access Control Software and Electronics
Full Security System Integration

Outlaw Full Height Tandem Turnstile

Tandem Turnstile/ADA Door

USA Turnstiles, Doors and Canopies

  • Outlaw Industrial Turnstiles
  • Matching ADA Gates
  • Anti-Reach Barrier
  • Turnstile Canopies and Enclosures
  • Made in the USA Steel Construction
  • Built with  1-3/4” – 14 AWG Tubing
  • Modular Locking Mechanism can be field-configured Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure, 2-way
  • Key Override comes standard
  • Variety of Colors and Finishes
  • See TURNSTILES.us/outlaw-industries

Card Access Control

  • HID Proximity Card Readers
  • Contactless Smart Card Readers
  • ID Card Printing Kit
  • Refill Cards and Credentials
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • QR Code Scanners

Biometric Access Control

  • VisionPass Facial Recognition Terminals are compatible with Morpho Series and other biometric devices
  • Mounts to turnstile, door frame, or post
  • Up to 40,000 face templates
  • 250,000 IDs in the authorized user list
  • Contactless recognition within 1 second
  • Weatherproof and spoof proof

CCTV Security and Intercom Communication

  • HD Video entry security
  • Remote live monitoring
  • Internal communication and paging
  • Master Station Intercom for Main Office
  • Weatherproof Door Stations for Entry Communication

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We are a One Stop Shop

  • We provide Turn-Key with Value Added Engineering
  • We provide Biometric Access Control Elements integrated with the Turnstiles
  • 31 Years of Integration Experience
  • Pride in Craftsmanship

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