EntraBOX Interior

Turnstile Lobbies, Barriers, and Partitions

EntraBOX Interior

TURNSTILES.us is proud to bring you EntraBOX, the all-encompassing solution to your entrance management needs. We design, build and install custom Turnstile Enclosures, Secure Lobbies, and All-In-One Entrances.

EntraBOX Interior represents our custom-built indoor security entrance lobbies. (For weatherproof outdoor entrances, see Turnstile Canopies.) Partitions and barriers to properly block off an area are a critical part of most turnstile arrangements. We offer barriers in Storefront Glass, Polycarbonate, Chain Link, or Steel with Mesh. Partitions can be low or tall – and styled to achieve the desired aesthetic. Quote To Order – Contact the team at TURNSTILES.us to discuss your project.

Waist-High Partitions

Post & Rail / Post & Glass

Orion Post and Glass

Square Post and Glass

Chrome Plated Railing

Post and Retractable Belt Barrier

Custom Partition Designs

Full Height Partitions

Storefront Glass / Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate 6ft Partitions

Polycarbonate L Shape

Storefront Glass Full Height
Barrier Walls

Storefront Glass Full Height
Barrier – L Shape

Chain Link High Security Cubicles

Chain-Link Entrance Enclosure,
Single Turnstile and ADA Gate

Man-Trap Cubicle Fence Enclosure

Man-Trap Cubicle Clear Enclosure

Custom Partition Designs

Full-Height Tandem Turnstile and Gate
With Glass Partition
Brute Series Waist-High Turnstiles with Glass Partition
EX300 Optical Turnstiles with Glass Partition
Shopping Mall / Airport /Store Solution
Full Glass Enclosure Design
P60 Turnstiles with ADA Gate
and Full Enclosure
P60 Turnstiles with ADA Gate
and Full Enclosure - Inside
P60 Turnstiles with ADA Gate
and Glass Barriers
P60 Turnstiles with ADA Gate
and Glass Barriers - Above

EntraBOX Interior Installation Photos

JG Kern - Sterling Heights, MI
Chain Link Cage Enclosure
Continental Structural Plastics - North Baltimore, OH
Chain Link Cage Enclosure
Caterpillar - Lafayette, IN
Storefront Glass Enclosure
Mary Kay, Lewisville, TX
Optical Turnstile with Glass Storefront and Door
C&C Group - Earth City, MO
Optical Turnstile with Glass Pony Wall
L2 - Dallas, Texas
Optical Turnstiles with Glass Partition

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  • 31 Years of Integration Experience
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