Holographic Entrances

A breathtaking & immersive experience, Holographic Entrances from TURNSTILES.us bring new opportunities for presenting messages to visitors.

Dazzling holographic displays attract and interact with customers – provide a fantastic new solution when it comes to customizing brand and customer experiences. 

Holographic Impact


  • Flawless image quality
  • Large-scale and modular design
  • Display immaculate 2D & 3D content
  • Manage display and content with ease
  • On a wall, or in mid-air, or in a display setting

ON WALL OR CEILING: The large-scale 3D display solution is made up of multiple devices that are synchronized to produce visuals of virtually any size.

IN MID-AIR: Any size from small to large. Accessories to install the device/s at the required location. The HYPERVSN device displays eye-catching 3D content using four rotating LED-based rays. This creates the impression of a hologram floating in mid-air.

ON A TRIPOD: A cutting-edge LED-based device with a four-ray rotor that spins faster than the human eye can see.

IN GLASS DISPLAY CASES: Display a floating hologram in an elegant clear case – available in a variety of unique shapes. 

HUMAN: Holographic Human is an all-in-one solution to display life-size 3D humans to demo products, provide info or showcase the latest trends. It is made up of three devices set-up in a vertical configuration and synchronized to display human-sized content. Connect with your audience on a more personal level using your brand ambassador, influencer or employee. Personify your brand and tell your brand story. 


Interactive add-ons allow you to create next- level holographic solutions to increase engagement and maximize the impact. Create holographic experiences that leave your audience speechless with innovation on another dimension.

Camera-based control

Display content based on the viewer’s demographic (Gender, Age, Emotions, Gestures) and switch your content to target content to specific audiences maximizing the impact.

Voice control
Display content based on voice prompts by recognizing what a customer is saying and playing the corresponding content. This allows for holographic assistants and Chatbots. 

Tablet control
Allow users to control the holographic display through a tablet. Users can swipe through content like a 3D Catalogue or present 3D content in a meeting by swiping through content on the tablet.
External triggers
Create next-level engagement by controlling your holographic display with external triggers like sensors (motion sensor, proximity sensor) or data from the internet (time, geography, temperature).

Holographic Security Entrances

StarGate Light Beam Doorway

  • The Light Beam Doorway can be an adjustable size
  • Works on a standard door, wider garage door – or wider still up to 35 feet, depending on the strength of the beam
  • Count multiple people people passing through at once (one directional in free count mode
  • Pass through the beams unauthorized and alarm will sound
  • Pass through beams with authorization very quickly with no moving gates or bars
  • Lights turn on and off, changes colors, or displays a virtual image for user guidance and interaction

StarGate Light Beam Doorway with Barrier

  • The Light Beam Doorway with barrier has a 3 foot standard passage width
  • Passage depth is a minimum of 4 feet
  • Tall Glass Swing Gates are tucked into the frame in a normally open position
  • Pass through beams with authorization very quickly with no moving gates or bars
  • Pass through the beams unauthorized and alarm will sound and barrier will close quickly
  • Lights turn on and off, change colors, or display a virtual image for user guidance and interaction
  • Virtual image could be a hologram of a full-size person, or used for signage and other communications

Other Innovative Entrance Solutions

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Dazzle your audience with our holographic entrance displays.

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