Meal Tracking Systems

The EntraPASS Meal Tracking System is designed to help facilities with cafeterias manage their food budgets.

The EntraPASS Meal Tracking System (MTS) combines the latest hardware and software technologies to help food service officers track cafeteria usage. With some institutions estimating as many as 30 percent of diners double back through food lines, or otherwise skipping payment at some point, the potential savings by eliminating this practice is enormous.

The MTS is composed of a powerful combination of network-ready EntraPASS security management software, heavy-duty turnstiles for access control, and accurate identification methods. All this is set up on a highly secure internal network, with the main server located in the Food Service Administrator’s office. The Administrator can run any number of reports on users’ meal history.

MTS works as a standalone system or in conjunction with existing access control. The software works in real-time even when new users are added to, or removed from the system. This exclusive system helps to prevent tailgating and repeat visits to the meal service area using an anti-passback feature.

How It Works

The Meal Tracking System includes a server with EntraPASS Software in the Food Service Administrator’s office or another secure location. The database is loaded to this server, along with any reporting functions the facility requires. Additional computers can be set up for new employee intake into the system or for other Administrators. User information is linked to a numbered card which will be their meal card (or – choose biometric readers for face, palm, or fingerprint can be linked to their ID). At the beginning of each food line to be monitored, a scanner is installed and connected to a turnstile. As the identification is scanned, data is transmitted to the server. If the user has been through the line already during that mealtime, the turnstile stays locked and passage is denied. If this is their first visit during that mealtime, access is granted.

  • Monitor the movement of people through the meal service area
  • No card required when using fingerprint or other biometric ID
  • Allow or deny access based on defined parameters
  • Better manage operations by prohibiting theft

Features and Componets

Software: EntraPASS Global Edition, award-winning access control software with powerful capabilities. Receive real-time data on desktop or mobile, automatic email distribution for reporting, the option of exporting to Excel with Able2Extract15, and scalability to meet your needs. This package includes one fully loaded Global Edition Computer Workstation. 

Learn More About The Features of EntraPASS

EntraPASS Global

Identification: Choose an access method. Fingerprint identification is the most popular biometric method due to its superior combination of strength, affordability, convenience, and ease of use. Enrolling new users takes only moments. When this option is used, an additional scanner is installed in the enrollment area. Bar code cards are also very popular, simple, and low-cost.

Biometric Readers
Card & Code Readers

Turnstiles: Turnstiles and gates control access by unlocking upon the successful pass of credentials or by a push-button. There are various full-height turnstiles available for higher security needs, and glass optical gates for corporate settings. Let us know the type of turnstile in which you are interested.

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Waist High Turnstiles
Full Height Turnstiles
Optical Turnstiles

Engineering and Drafting: The entire system is engineered to the specifications of the facility. The customer is provided detailed AutoCAD schematics for all wiring, placement and assembly requirements. Facility personnel gets all of the information needed to manage the system for years to come.


Add Post and Rail / Post and Glass: There are a variety of barrier options sold separately to complement any turnstile.

See More Barrier Options

Post and Rail
Post and Glass
Full Height Partitions and Barriers

Add Computers/Monitors: Monitors can be added at the turnstile location if the facility is closely monitoring traffic. These provide an on-screen identification of the user who is accessing the turnstile at that moment. It helps to identify internal problems such as Meal Card theft. The workstations feed the information directly to the server for real-time updates. A linked external LCD monitor can be added (via HDMI cable) near the ingress/egress point to display the user’s photo, along with identity and attributes which would also be seen on the EntraPASS workstation desktop. This adds a layer of security for buildings in which the entrance is not visible at the destination, letting people in the cafeteria know when someone is entering.


Employee Meal Service

School Lunch Lines

Hotel Restaurants

Hospital Cafeterias

Inmate Food Service


Thank you! We certainly have seen savings and they are greater than what I had projected. We were only averaging 70 purchases per day on the honor system but now average over 110. Improving payments by over 50% alone is a strong enough ROI to justify the expense. I do think more properties could benefit from this style system." (TURNSTILES.us meal tracking system with turnstiles and EntraPass software)
"The food service administrator reports he's already seeing an improvement in the amount of food he's having to prepare for the noon meal. The system will pay for itself sooner than expected. I think we're making 200 fewer meals per day at lunch.”
George "Joe" Knox
Computer Services, FMC Butner
Buntner, NC 27509
“I worked first hand with this system through the installation and three years of daily use while I was stationed at the Manchester Prison. Loved it, very user friendly, I believe it paid for itself in a year. The info you sent is perfect it shows exactly what I need them to see. Hope to talk to you again soon.”
- Kelvin Hibbard
Food Service Administrator, FCI Oxford
Oxford, WI 53952

Installation Scope of Work

Meal Tracking System Installation Includes:

  • Move the equipment from storage
  • Uncrate, assemble, and mount the turnstiles and gates
  • Wire the low-voltage connections.
    • *A Customer-Appointed, Licensed Electrician is required over 100V (110 is common).
  • Mount the Photo ID Monitors to the wall
    • Monitors will display Photo, Name, and ID Number full-screen for swipe verification
  • Program EntraPASS
    • This is performed onsite if on a standalone, isolated LAN. Often customers may set up a network separate from their main/existing system, solely to be used for security.
    • This is performed remotely if a regular internet connection is available.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Provide a suitable internet/network connection.
  • Conduit Pathways prepared and electricity brought to the installation site.
    • Origin is the Main Computer Workstation, with an 8-port switch connecting to the KT Series controllers AND to the Photo ID Monitors. Controllers then connect to the Turnstile and Reader.
    • Include the connection to other Workstations if applicable (for example, a computer at intake).
    • Two conduit tubes are required per Pathway, one for low voltage (under 100), and a separate conduit for high voltage (over 100).
*See our general Installation Scope of Work in Terms and Conditions for more details.

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