Turnstiles integrated with access control are becoming an industry-standard all around the globe. Great preliminary work is key to a proper turnstile installation. It all starts with a drawing that brings our concepts to reality. This work is performed by our highly skilled in-house Draftsman, who creates brilliant architectural mapping and 2D/3D renderings. Plans are drawn for a variety of environments and types of turnstiles. See samples of our 2D AutoCAD Documentation with Elevation Images, Device Location Details, Dimensions, and Point to Point Wiring Schematics. See our 3D Concept Designs here.

Design-Build Services


  1. Contact Us! Send a quick message to let us know what you’re envisioning. 
  2. Send Photos. We’ll evaluate your current site and help you select the right products.
  3. Receive a proposal. Review products, services, scope, and discuss your engineering requirements. 
  4. Sign the finished proposal and submit payment. Finalize drawings, production sheets, and timeline. (50% Deposit is due upon order, 50% due upon shipping. Engineered items are produced to order and require reasonable lead time. Larger products will typically ship to your site before installation day.)
  5. Installation. Our technicians complete installation and ensure that you are comfortable operating your new system.
  6. Support. Enjoy One Year of Telephone Support with Remote Desktop and Updates.

2D Drawing Resources

Frequently Used Turnstile Dimensions

Outlaw Industries

Controlled Access

Frequently Used Wiring Schematics

Custom Projects Gallery

Our previous project diagrams serve as a great source of inspiration for system designers. Let us know what type of security turnstile entrance you have in mind for your facility, and we will be happy to help you find the right personalized solution. Click images to enlarge and scroll through.

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