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Merrimac Capital Services, originally located outside of Boston, MA, and now in New Hampshire, is an independent finance company whose principals have more than 30+ years’ experience in the finance industry. We specialize in facilitating and originating Leasing and Financing programs for a wide variety of customers.

Our clients are both public entities and private companies in need of equipment leasing & financing, Tax Exempt Bond Financing, blemished credit financing, project financing, credit facilities, working capital lines of credit, etc. They range from the Fortune 100, Municipalities, Non-Profits, Federal Government and American Tribes to privately held companies, representing a wide array of industries in every state in the US and Canadian provinces (and in selected countries).

Some of the programs that we offer are:

  • Equipment leasing and financing transactions (International from $250K up)
  1. Lease Agreements & Financing programs, app only or structured programs
  2. New, used, titled and non-titled equipment
  3. Lease transactions as low as $5,000 with no ceiling
  • Tax Exempt Bond Financing for Municipalities, 501(c)3 non-profit organizations
  1. Providing financing for capital projects, i.e. buildings, stadiums, dorms, etc.
  2. Refinancing of existing debt
  • Municipal Leasing (Non-Profit, Federal & Am. Tribal programs are also available)
  1. Lease transactions as low as $10,000 (with NO ceiling)
  2. Various payment programs; monthly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual
  3. Non-Appropriations Clause (Muni)/Waiver of Sovereignty (Tribes)
  • Asset-Based Lending (financing the growth of a company by using a company’s
    current assets to collateralize the transaction), Credit Facilities
  1. Establish “lines of credit” utilizing accounts receivable and inventories
  2. Working Capital loans (short term or long term) for as low as $10,000
  3. Factoring receivables (Commercial & Municipal) from $250K (cumulative) on up
  • Medium and Large Ticket Lending, Project Financing
  1. Medium size transactions that don’t meet conventional guidelines
  2. Large projects (no ceiling) that require unique structure or a financial blend 
  3. Project Financing of equipment & services
  4. 100% project financing with tax exempt bonds for 501(c)3 or non-profits
  5. SBA 504 and USDA B&I programs from $1M on up

Contact Vince Barauskas at 781-933-1381 about your specific financing/leasing needs.

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