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Enquire with TURNSTILES.us about turnstiles for rent. Renting a turnstile can be a great solution for a short-term or semi-permanent event because you can rent the turnstile, use it for a period of time, and then return it for much less cost than purchasing one and trying to resell it. Rental cost is determined on a per unit, per day basis plus freight and handling.

Let us know what type of unit you are interested in (full-height, tripod, optical, etc.) and a friendly team member will get you a quote!

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OBSG Optical Barrier Swing Glass

Featured Application:

Turnstile Rental for TV Show and Film Sets

Renting a turnstile can be useful in numerous ways when you’re making a movie, TV show, or have any other scheduled event that lasts for weeks or months. Frequently there are a large number of people involved in media production and managing everyone’s attendance effectively is a full-time job in itself. Turnstiles allow one person to pass through at a time when they have valid credentials. The gates stay locked if somebody does not have proper authorization. Perfect for controlling a closed set. 

Not only can turnstiles be used for crew management – they make great props! They normally function in prestige environments, bringing high-tech style to the lobbies of prestige locations. If your film features a scene in a hotel, corporate office, airport, or secret luxury lair of a futuristic superhero – put the turnstiles on set! We have had celebrities including Paul Giamatti and Halle Berry walk through our turnstiles on television!

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Above: Our Optical Swing Gates on the set of
Billions, Showtime TV Series

Can’t decide whether to rent or buy? Ask us about what combination of rental or purchase options would serve you best.

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