TURNSTILES.us offers a wide selection of American-Made USA Turnstiles, Gates, and Specialty Accessories manufactured in the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado. We offer everything from individual turnstile parts to complete custom entrance systems. Longtime team members have worked together to install every type of turnstile imaginable for almost 40 years. Our innovative and modern designs are built to last and include waist-high and full-height turnstiles, gates, portable bases, turnstile canopies, guardhouses, portable buildings, entrance enclosures, man-trap cubicles, and turnstile accessories. Call us for a consultation about your project!

GSA, SAM, HUBZone Certified Turnstiles

Our Certified Turnstiles are manufactured in the rocky mountains by local craftsmen, builders, and suppliers. Meet or exceed the requirements for your government general contract job with high-quality products. Ask about access control and turnstile security equipment on our HUBZone Small Business Association and GSA Approved Schedule. 

U.S. Government
GSA Contractor

SAM Registered DUNS #181428611

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High Security Turnstiles and Gates

Full Height Turnstiles

  1. Full Height single Turnstiles
  1. LX Series clear Sided TURNSTILES
  1. Full Height aDA gates / Doors

Two AG-30-T Singles
with ADA Gate

Two AG-30-T Singles
with ADA Gate & Anti-Reach

AG-30-TT Tandem Turnstile
with ADA Gate


Portable 2 Single Turnstiles and ADA Gate

HD 48" ADA Gate on Base

Portable Turnstile and Gate with Basic Canopy

Waist-High Turnstiles and Gates


Turnstile Canopies and Shelters

  1. TURNSTILE Canopies, Shelters and enclosures

Basic Turnstile Canopy

A turnstile canopy is commonly used to help protect turnstiles from the elements and provide roof-line security.

Turnstile Canopy

Elegant high security turnstiles with full enclosure canopy and gutter system.

Bullet Proof Glass Turnstile

This unique turnstile entry is an all-in-one security solution. Both aesthetic and highly secure bulletproof construction.

SHL Glass and Steel Turnstile Shelter

Glass and steel canopies provide shelter and look great. USA materials with custom configuration.

Custom Chain-Link Fence
Cage Enclosures

Fencing enclosures create a secure area around a turnstile. Heavy duty materials with custom design to suit your facility.

Turnstile Accessories


Device Mounting Plate

Steel Mounting Plate to fit your Access Control Reader or Intercom, Box Contains Wiring

LED Accessory Light
for Turnstiles and Gates

Custom Turnstile System Construction

Turnstile Systems can be built with the following and more at your request:

Steel roll-up doors

Non-slip floor

Rhino tough coating on floor

Gutters and downspouts

Doors and windows

Lights (internal and external)

HVAC (for those with guard offices) 

Electronically Controlled Turnstiles
Electrical panels, cable relays and other supplies
Integrated EntraPASS Entrance Management Software
Card Readers, Mounts, and Computer Monitors
Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, Temperature Screening
High Security Packages
Man Traps, Bullet Proof Glass, Metal Detection 
Enclosed Walkway with Glass Panels, ADA Door and Turnstile entry.
Custom Enclosure with Glass Panels and multiple Turnstiles with Electronics.
Two facility entrances. Full Custom Turnstile Canopies with Fencing, Lighting, EntraPASS Access Control and Card Reader Access.
Four facility entrances. Full Custom Turnstile Canopies with Glass Panels, Aluminum Tracking, Lighting, Entrapass Access Control, Card Readers and more.
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