Outlaw Chain Link Security Fence Filler Panel

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When a turnstile is located next to an ADA door, it is often possible to reach through the turnstile bars from the outside and push the door open. The Outlaw Chain Link Security Fence Filler Panel prevents these security breaches. This simple fence barrier panel may be a critical consideration in your turnstile arrangement. If roofline protection is also needed, see our EntraBOX Turnstile Canopies and Shelters. Outlaw Industries products are proudly made in the USA and are constructed to suit your specific needs.

Data Sheet – Outlaw 9 Gauge x 2″ Chain Link Fence Fabric



  • Section of fencing prevents reach-through breaches
  • High-Security Grade Chain Link Fence
  • Heavy-Duty Posts and Hardware
  • Interior or Exterior Use
  • Custom designed to suit your needs



  • Customized Dimensions
  • Use this piece in your Turnstile System



  • 9 Gauge, 2″ Chain Link Fabric, Galvanized Steel
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Materials








*Contact TURNSTILES.us for a quote – design, build, freight, and installation information.


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