EntraBOX Modular Time & Attendance Building

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The EntraBOX Modular Time & Attendance Building load our Secure Modular Building SMB-2020 up with a full-feature EntraPASS Time and Attendance System. It is the perfect solution to managing large work crews while frequently changing site locations. Made of the toughest materials like fiberglass and steel, they can withstand heavy use on construction sites. A portable base allows the entire unit to be moved from site to site by forklift or crane. Add up to (4) 10ft modular segments per building. Add options to your base model: solar power, card readers, time and attendance systems, stop and go lights, electronically controlled access system, and more.


FEATURES of the  EntraBOX SMB-500

    • Configuration: Five 2-Way-Lanes
    • A huge number of features packed into a neat 28ft footprint
    •  Outer Dimensions: SMB-500 Secure Modular Building
      • 8′ wide  x  20′ 3.75″  long  x  8′ 8.25″ high
      • Frames constructed from 8’ gauge steel
      • Body construction of 14’ gauge steel
    • Reinforced on all sides
    • Fast daily throughput for large crews
    • Locks protect your readers and vital system equipment
    • (10) Roll- Up Doors
    • (10) Bar Code Readers (Bar Codes/QR Codes/Protocol Converter)
    • (10) Reader Pedestals and Mounting Boxes
    • (10) Stop and Go Lights (Red/Green)
    • (10) Interior Light Fixtures
    • (5) Section Partitions (Post and Rails 6′ x 3′)
    • (1) Portable Base Plate with forklift and crane pockets
    • (1) Interior Countertop
    • (1) Electrical panel
    • (1) EntraPASS Time & Attendance System (for 10+ Doors)



EntraBOX SMB-500 Drawings




  • White
  • Ivory
  • Grey
  • Beige



Top: 8 x 20, SMB-100-G One Lane, 2-Way Unit and Guard Office
Bottom: 8 x 10, 2-Way Lane  SMB-100, Door rolled down and door open



*Shipping and installation are not yet included. Ships from Colorado, USA.

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Weight 1900 lbs

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