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for Construction Site Management has the solution to your Construction Site Management needs. Out turnstiles, gates, and steel buildings are designed for optimal utility, economy, and durability. The electronics system has vast capabilities. Enjoy all of the benefits that EntraBOX has to offer: save time and money, reduce paperwork and errors, streamline workflow and safeguard your job site.

Site Management

Save time and payroll costs

Login/Logout large crews faster

Prevent buddy-punching

Monitor and manage live reporting

Know who is on-site at any time

Secure, lighted space for personnel on duty

Expand or relocate as needs change

Turnstile Buildings

Portable Steel Container

Standard & Roll-up Doors

Windows, Shelves, Counter, Storage

Non-slip Flooring

Electrical Panel & Accessories

Internal & External Lighting

HVAC Climate Control

More Options Available

Access System

Time & Attendance Tracking

Programmed PC Workstation

EntraPASS Global Edition Software

Tracking and Reporting

Stop and Go Lights

Choice of ID Readers and Mounting

CCTV, Audio/Video Intercom

Portable Turnstiles and Gates offers a cutting-edge solution with our Portable Turnstiles and Gates designed specifically for industrial and construction sites. These full-height turnstiles provide robust security and access control, ensuring only authorized personnel enter designated areas. Built for durability and ease of installation, they seamlessly integrate into any temporary or permanent construction environment, offering a reliable solution for managing site access efficiently. prioritizes both security and convenience, empowering businesses to safeguard their premises while maintaining smooth operations.

Portable 2 Single Turnstiles and ADA Gate

HD 48" ADA Gate on Base

Portable Turnstile and Gate with Basic Canopy

Modular Building Kits

Our exclusive EntraBOX Modular Building Kits are easy-to-assemble, full-sized structures, configured to suit your needs.  Made of the toughest materials, they are used as turnstile shelters, security checkpoints, mobile guardhouses, site management offices, and time & attendance stations. Roll-down doors are across from each other so as to form ‘lanes’. Industrial Duty, Weather-resistant and Vandal-resistant Equipment. The building ships in pre-fabricated panels broken down, saving money on freight costs. Modular Building Kits allow you to build a variety of structures configured to suit your needs. 

Access Control Kits

EntraPASS Global Edition Access Control

The EntraPASS Global Edition Workstation comes with Award-Winning EntraPASS Global Edition Security Management Software loaded onto a powerful All-in-One PC. 

It is pre-configured for a variety of security levels so other users can view and manage alarms, time zones, access control points, and reports.
Powerful features support remote live monitoring and reporting.

Additional Options and Licenses – including easy web and mobile apps – are available to expand the functionality of your access control system.


Initial Database Creation, Owner-Training, One-Year Unlimited Remote Desktop Support

EntraPASS Go Web

Option: Access From Any Computer with Internet

EntraPASS Go Mobile App

Option: Easy to Use Mobile App

EntraPASS Video Vault

Option: Back Up Video Footage from CCTV

Photo ID Badging

Print your own secure IDs with our ID Card Printer Package.

The Photo ID Badging Kit enables you to produce secure, personalized Access Control Badges in one single, seamless step. 

The direct-to-card printer and encoder also has an intuitive, user-focused SmartScreen graphical display, enabling efficient set-up, operation and maintenance of your technology investment. 

The ideal card printing solution for small businesses, schools, and local governments, this is the fastest printer in its class, allowing you to produce 50% more visually-rich, full-color credentials in the same amount of time.

Access Control Security
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