EntraBOX Basic Turnstile Canopy

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The Basic Turnstile Canopy is an excellent way to shield your gate equipment from the elements. The structure consists of a sloped metal roof with a gutter and four or more posts depending on the overall size (no walls). The four posts are designed to be recessed 3 feet into a concrete foundation and to exceed your county wind and snow load requirements. Add our turnstiles, solar power panels, counters, card readers, electronically controlled access systems, and more. We build our products in the USA and customize your canopy to order.

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A Turnstile Canopy is commonly used to help protect turnstiles from the elements and provide roof-line security. The Basic Turnstile Canopy has a sloped roof with a gutter and at least four posts depending on the size. The four posts/legs are designed to be recessed 3 feet into your concrete foundation. The roof slope and gutter typically tilts down to the unsecured side (meaning front outside view) Our engineered canopies are manufactured to surpass your county wind and snow load requirements. Integrate with turnstiles, solar power, counters, card readers, electronically controlled access system, and more. Make the canopy into a secure shelter by adding wall panels. We proudly build our turnstiles and canopies in the USA and we customize your order.

*Note: Engineering, Drafting, Schematics, Shipping, and Installation are additional. Final dimensions, colors, and design details shall be approved and signed off by the client prior to fabrication.

Basic Turnstile Canopy Style Sheet  – PDF
Basic Turnstile Canopy Style Sheet – Web Form
>> Design Your Canopy!

Specification – Canopy Substructural Parts

Specification – Canopy Ribbed Metal Panel Roof

Basic Canopy Installation Instructions



  • Single-slope steel roof
  • Built-in gutter/downspouts
  • Posts designed to be recessed 3 ft into a concrete foundation
  • Rated for extreme wind and snow loads
  • Custom sizes and Overhangs to suit your needs (Starting at 8’x8’x8′)
  • Painted or Galvanized finish
  • Protects your turnstile from the elements
  • Provides roofline security, preventing climb over



  • Solar Power Panels on Roof
  • Add Turnstiles and ADA Doors
  • Cold Weather Package
  • 8-Digit LCD Resettable Counter
  • Upgrade to Peaked Dual-Pitched Roof
  • Upgrade to a Topgal Polycarbonate Roof
  • Lighting Kits and Electric Accessories
  • CCTV Video Cameras and Computer Workstations
  • Access Control System – Integrates with EntraPASS Access Control Software
  • See more EntraBOX security products like the Enclosed Glass Canopy




Full-service installation is available. See our portfolio of work




Additional information

Weight 800 lbs
Size (ft.)

6×10, 8×8, 8×9, 8×10, 8×11, 8×12, 8×13, 8×14, 8×15, 8×16, 8×17, 8×18, 8×19, 8×20, 8×21, 8×22, 8×23, 8×24, 9×9, 9×10, 9×11, 9×12, 9×13, 9×14, 9×15, 9×16, 9×17, 9×18, 9×19, 9×20, 9×21, 9×22, 9×23, 9×24, 10×10, 10×11, 10×12, 10×13, 10×14, 10×15, 10×16, 10×17, 10×18, 10×19, 10×20, 10×21, 10×22, 10×23, 10×24, 11×11, 11×12, 11×13, 11×14, 11×15, 11×16, 11×17, 11×18, 11×19, 11×20, 11×21, 11×22, 11×23, 11×24, 12×12, 12×13, 12×14, 12×15, 12×16, 12×17, 12×18, 12×19, 12×20, 12×21, 12×22, 12×23, 12×24


Painted, Galvanized

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