Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse & Customhouse – Louisville, KY is honored to provide and install custom security turnstiles and barriers for the Gene Snyder Federal Courthouse and Customhouse., Inc., Valiant Construction and DB Screening Station are working to conserve the historical building through the construction process. For instance, instead of drilling any holes for wiring, the Turnstiles will be built on a raised platform secured by archival adhesive to protect the original flooring.

The Optical Turnstiles are custom fabricated in Neoclassical Federal Style. They are finished with alloy 280 Muntz metal color, a brass distinguishable by its light antique copper color. Our master fabricators built these units with the goals of increasing building security and complementing the surrounding architecture.

Neoclassical Federal Style Optical Turnstiles

Lobby Before
Turnstiles go between columns on the left
Post and glass separates Entrance from Exit path
Lobby After
See more pictures below & Outlaw Industries
– Federal Style Optical Turnstiles
– Matching Post and Glass Barriers
– Archival Secure Mounting Platforms
– Turnstile Wiring and Programming
– Engineering, Drafting, 2D / 3D Concepts
– Material Sample Proofing
– Full Service Installation

Design Development

Installation Photos

Optical Federal Style Turnstiles

Post and Glass Partitions

Custom Turnstile Fabrication Photos

Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Customhouse Architecture

Completed Work - July 2020

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