Kraft Heinz Company -
Fort Smith, Arkansas

The team at is honored to work together with Kraft Heinz Foods Company, Planter’s Peanuts, to design, engineer, manufacture, and install a full-size turnstile canopy walkway entrance system. See the process unfold in the following documentation and photos. 

– Full-Height Single Turnstiles and Wide ADA Gate
– Custom Enclosed Glass Canopy Walkway ~ 45’D x 20’W x 12’H
– Climate Controlled Entrance Area with Airwall
– Automatic Sliding Glass Doors
– Company Colors and Logo Branding on Glass
– Design-Build Project with Installation
– Engineered, Manufactured and Built in the USA

Custom Turnstile Canopy Walkway

AutoCAD Drafting

3D Concept

Walkway Entrance with Polycarbonate, 4 fenced sections, 2 separate auto sliding glass doors, tinted front end, steel roof on front end, custom logo etching, air curtain units, heating/cooling passage in frame, Interior Lights, 2 Single Full Height AG-36 Turnstiles, 1 Full Height AG-48-ADA Door. Custom built in the USA.

Column and Caisson Construction Exploded 3D

Column and Caisson Construction Details

Roof Detail

Fabrication Process Photos

Video Clips

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