Entrance Screening Solutions
for the Commercial Food Industry

A secured workplace provides a safe space for employees to experience peace of mind and to stay productive. Entrance Screening Solutions from TURNSTILES.us  provide effortless and secure access for all employees, vendors, and visitors. Your facility should that ensure all people are safe to meet and work!

We offer a variety of safety, security, and communications solutions for private and commercial properties. Unique concept designs and use of the latest technology ensure smoother operations for businesses of all sizes. Contact one of our team members today to discuss your requirements.

New Standards in Entrance Management

Establish a high level of safety for facilities that require identity checks for employees, vendors, and visitors.

While health and safety have always been a #1 priority in all aspects of the food industry, many companies are now implementing additional procedures for the people entering and exiting the building.

New pre-entry screening practices ensure that anyone entering the facility has passed certain authorization requirements. This can involve body temperature check, identity check by your company’s preferred method, daily health questionnaire, etc. This process often requires companies to hire help with performing the temperature checks, monitoring occupancy, enforcing and keeping records of compliance.

Screening procedures can be accommodated with more ease and efficiency to meet or exceed company entrance management standards.

TURNSTILES.us can help you to:

  • Monitor the movement of people through a building
  • Increase the ease and efficiency of temperature checks
  • Control personnell access based on defined parameters
  • Identify users so that they can keep their masks on at all times
  • Track occupancy and keeps records of compliance

TURNSTILES.us Solutions

Serving Multiple Sectors of the Food Industry

TURNSTILES.us is a leading provider of security access control solutions for all types of applications. We complete projects of all sizes across a variety of facilities, including food manufacturing and processing plants, factories, packaging centers, distribution centers, and more. In locations with restricted areas, for both safety and security reasons, the use of access control devices is imperative to manage the movement of employees and ensure smooth operations.

We offer turnkey solutions to all projects including, manufacturing, installation, maintenance as well as full integration with biometrics, timekeeping systems, and other personnel management systems that you wish to incorporate.

  • Contactless and Automatic Access Control
  • Pre-Entry Screening
  • Employee Temperature Screening
  • Employee Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Premises Entry and Exit Tracking
  • Automated Identity Check
  • Facial Recognition
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Turnstiles and ADA Gates
  • Clear Partitions and Barriers
  • Remote Live Monitoring
  • Intercom Communication
  • Visitor Health Questionnaires
  • UV Light Solutions
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Turnstiles
  • Audio Announcement System (DMR)
  • Occupancy Counting Tools

Security Turnstiles and Gates

Contactless Gates

Industrial Turnstiles

Temperature Detection & More

Automatic Temperature Detection

Disinfectant Dispenser Turnstile

UV Light Turnstiles and Gates

Germicidal UV Light and Air Curtain in one
Kills 99% of coronavirus that passes through
Provides temperature control and airflow

OTS35 Optical Entrance Counter

Simple Entrance Counting
Lock & Key Reset
Post Mounted Optical Sensor

UV Light Air Purification Curtain

Germicidal UV Light and Air Curtain in one
Kills 99% of coronavirus that passes through
Provides temperature control and airflow

Clear Polycarbonate Partitions

Place in between turnstiles to separate lanes
Lighter weight and safer than glass
Use as barriers/dividers to protected areas

Remote Monitoring & Communication

EntraPASS Global Access Control Software
Desktop, Web and Mobile App Monitoring
Controls and keeps record of thousands of doors

TURNSTILES.us is a leading provider of security access control solutions. Enquire with us about our custom solution for your facility and we’ll provide quality installations, whatever your requirements.

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