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to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has designed entrance management security systems since 1989, growing along with the technologies at the forefront of the industry. Today we continue to develop and manufacture a variety of safety, security, and communications solutions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Unique concept designs inspired by the latest trends ensure smoother operations for businesses of all types and sizes. Security Packages from include integrated hardware and software components. Contact one of our team members today to discuss your requirements. Solutions to Fight COVID-19

Popular Products

SF1008T+ Body Temperature
Mask Detection Reader

- Thermal Imaging Camera
- 10,800 Measuring Points
- 2.5 ft read distance
- 8-Inch Screen - 50,000 Faces - 5,000 Palms
- Adapts to unstable temperature environments
- No additional calibration required

SF1008+ Body Temperature
Mask Detection Reader

- Thermopile Sensor
- 1,024 Measuring Points
1.5 ft read distance
- 8-Inch Screen - 50,000 Faces - 5,000 Palms

SF1005-V+ Body Temperature
Mask Detection Reader

- Thermopile Sensor
- 1,024 Measuring Points
- 1.5 ft Read Distance
- 5-Inch Screen - 6,000 Faces - 3,000 Palms
- 10,000 Fingerprints

UV Light Air Purification Curtain

Germicidal UV Light and Air Curtain in one
Kills 99% of coronavirus that passes through
Provides temperature control and airflow

Illustra Pro Thermal EST Camera

Intelligent Thermal Camera with Face Detection
Locates and reads skin temperature as people walk by
Checks temperatures with accuracy from a non-invasive distance
Bundle with Blackbody Calibrator

Polycarbonate Partitions

Place in between turnstiles to create separate lanes
Lighter weight and safer than glass
Use as barriers/dividers to protected areas

FK1013+ FaceKiosk
Guest Portal with Temperature Check

- Guest and Appointment Management
- Book appointments ahead of time by email
- Send a health questionnaire agreement to client
- Allow walk-ins or appointments to check in

Contactless Card Readers

HID Proximity Card Readers
Contactless Smart Cards
Color ID Card Badge Printing
Refill Cards and Credentials
Barcode Scanners, Magnetic Stripe, QR Code Scanners

IX Series Audio/Video Intercom

HD Video entry security
Remote live monitoring
Internal communication and paging
Master Station Intercom for Main Office
Weatherproof Door Stations for Entry Communication

Thermal Imaging Security Entrance

EGC-UV Turnstile Building with Temperature Measurement & Air Purification


  • Temperature Measurement
  • Facial Recognition
  • Mask Detection
  • Air purification by ultraviolet light
  • Climate-controlled building
  • Live body/ anti-spoofing technology
  • Multi-factor validation for strong access control
  • No more remembering passwords or ID cards
  • Track mask and temperature agreement compliance
  • Email alert notifications
  • Monitor who is onsite or offsite in real-time
  • Eliminate buddy-punching
  • Increase log accuracy, save time and money
  • Convenient, reliable, and secure
  • All-in-one turnstile canopy solution
  • Made in the U.S.A.


* Custom Equipment Available

  • Outlaw Enclosed Glass Canopy
    Sliding glass double doors
    Overall size approximately 24′ width, 30′ depth, 12′ height
    Wide fascia and a single-slope steel roof
    Storefront glass sides and frame partitions
    Built-in gutter/downspout, wiring, and interior lighting
    Variety of finishes and colors
  • (2) AG-30TT Tandem Turnstiles
  • (1) AG-36 ADA Swing Gate
  • Multi-Biometric Access Control Readers w/Temperature Measurement 
  • UVC Air Purifying Curtain with electric heat and thermostat
  • EntraPASS Global Access Control Software
  • Door and Turnstile Controller Panels


Above: Style variant of the Custom Turnstile Canopy with Wide 2ft Columns and Brick Finish

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