T80 Tandem Full Height Aluminum Turnstile

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The T80 Tandem Turnstile offers a modern, open feel while providing a secure, full-height portal. Available in a clear anodized or a dark bronze finish, this unit will perform the same way a traditional full height turnstile does with a less imposing look. A Tandem Turnstile takes up a smaller footprint than two Single Turnstiles side-by-side and is an excellent space-saving solution.

Matching T-36-ADA Glass Door is also available.

Data Sheet- T80 Tandem and Single Turnstiles



T80-T (Tandem)

  • Exterior Height: 91”
  • Interior Height: 84”
  • Width: 96.125”
  • Depth: 54 5/8″
  • Pedestrian Clearance: 30”



  • Interior or Exterior use
  • Locate where you may or may not have a guard present
  • Can function as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system
  • Tandems are ideal for situations where you need many people to move through a portal in a short time but have space restrictions
  • Three-vane, tamper-resistant, and weather-resistant
  • These units offer a modern, open feel while providing a secure, full height portal
  • They will perform the same way a traditional full height turnstile does with a less imposing look
  • Can be interfaced with optional LCD counters, computer attendance systems, card readers, push-button and wireless remote controls
  • Integrates with EntraPASS Entrance Management Software, installation and remote desktop setup/support available.

OPTIONS for the T80-T

  • Home Position Switch – Additional limit switch provides an SPDT output while at home for security integration
  • Proximity Sensor Upgrade – Replaces limit switches with proximity sensors for part longevity
  • Bidirectional Key Override Set for Manual or Electric 2-Way Units – Allows the turnstile to be locked independently in each direction with a turn of a key
  • Card Reader Mounting Plate/Enclosure (1 per electronic direction) – For mounting most standard card readers
  • Cold Weather Package – Includes 250 Watt Thermostat Controlled Heater and Insulated Mainframe. Available in 220 VAC for International application.
  • Single or Double Push Button (installed on-site)
  • One Channel 900 MHz Wireless Receiver (one per direction)
  • One or Two Button Wireless Key Fob Transmitter
  • Battery Back-Up – 12ah battery kit with 2x 12VDC batteries & 2 amp 24VDC charger
  • Powder Coating over Aluminum (standard colors)
  • Metal Detection Portal – HI-PE walk-through multizone metal detector integrated into turnstile with a remote relay unit that locks the turnstile upon alarm to disallow entry
  • Heel guard arm covers
  • Hinged or split covers for tight-clearance installations
  • Eight digit key resettable LCD counter with seven-year lithium battery
    *Additional options available upon request


*Tandem units require two Control Heads for Electronic Configuration. If desired, select the option for Electronic Controls at checkout.

  • Manual Both Ways
  • Manual One Way / No Passage in Opposite Direction
  • Electronic One Way / Free Exit
  • Electronic One Way / No Exit
  • Electronic Both Ways
    *Each electronically controlled direction can be configured as FAIL LOCK (fail-secure) or FAIL OPEN (fail-safe) upon power loss


*Contact us for a freight quote.

Additional information

Weight 1400 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 97 × 91 in

T80-T (Tandem)

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