TURNSTILES.us has been supplying secure guardhouses, kiosks, and portable offices for decades along with our turnstile and gate systems. Prefabricated fiberglass or steel structures are available in a variety of sizes as well as customized designs. From concept to the final product, our design and support team provide a total solution for your enclosure needs. The uses for a strong, portable, expandable, and maintenance-free structure are endless.

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Features and Benefits: • Modular Design • Portable • Easy Shipping and Off Loading • Minimal Site Preparation • Mold and Mildew Resistant • Long term Durability • Insulated Buildings • Virtually Maintenance Free • Light Weight • High Strength to Weight Ratio • Easy to Repair • Spray Washable on the Inside and Outside • Ability to Assemble In Difficult Locations Where Construction Is Constrained • Customization • Cabinet Options • Shelving Options • Grating Floor Option • Electrics, Lighting & HVAC Options

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