Planet Fitness - Hampton, NH appreciates the opportunity to provide entrance and exit gates for planet fitness. See photos, 3D images, and AutoCAD drawings following our turnstile design and fabrication process.

  • FP500 FastPass ADA Gates (One Entry, One Exit)
  • Built-In Barcode Scanners on top of cabinets
  • Scanners integrated with existing system
  • Recessed Wiring Box with required connections
  • Cable Raceway Platform & Rail
         – safe walking surface, conceals wiring, no drilling into the floor
  • Branded vinyl wrap on cabinets with gate signage
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Custom ADA Gates

with Vinyl Wrap, Cable Raceway Platform, Integrated Barcode Readers

2D/3D Design Development

Completed Work

Thank You for Choosing

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