Turnstile Entrance Solutions

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Planet Fitness Corporate HQ

Submitted by:
Patrick McAllister
www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc.

     The following page contains links for the materials, engineering, programming, and fabrication to safely secure your facilities throughout the country.

     All the components are listed below and will be shipped to your locations fully assembled along with schematic drawings and wiring harness for turn-key integration. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Planet Fitness to safely secure your location. Please review the details below and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Selections for Planet Fitness


Fabrication Photos

Equipment Options

Controlled Access FP500-ADA-P:

  • Fast and Precise Swing Gate Performance
  • Bar Code Reader Access for Entry/Exit
  • Bidirectional Swing Arm
  • Wheels, Platform, and Rail
  • ADA Compliant Passage Width
  • Fire Alarm Integration for Emergency Egress
  • Three Year Parts Warranty
  • One Year Remote Desktop Warranty
  • Option: Custom Powder Coated Colors
  • Option: Glass Panel Etched with Logo

Controlled Access EX300 ADA:

  • Optical Sensors Inhibit Tailgating
  • Fast and Precise Swing Gate Performance
  • Built-In Bar Code Readers
  • Shipped Fully Assembled and Programmed
  • Fire Alarm Integration for Emergency Egress
  • Three Year Parts Warranty
  • One Year Remote Desktop Warranty
  • Option: Custom Powder Coated Colors
  • Option: Glass Wings Etched with Logo

Outlaw OPTIC-BASE Turnstile Platforms:

  • These portable bases contain channels for turnstile wiring, allowing turnstiles to be mounted without drilling into the floor.
  • Walkway surface is made of non-skid rubber over a steel ADA slope ramp.
  • Custom sizes support your turnstile array.
  •  Can be fitted with a collapsible wheel system for maximum portability.

EntraPASS Global Access Control and Integration:

EntraPASS Global Edition Software
EntraPASS Card Integration
Audio/Video Intercom

TURNSTILES.us Added Value

We are a One Stop Shop

  • We provide Turn-Key with Value Added Engineering
  • We provide Access Control Elements integrated with the Turnstiles
  • 31 Years of Integration Experience
  • Pride in Craftsmanship


All equipment is covered by our three-year parts warranty.

Labor is not warranted.


You will receive a set of Construction Drawings that include:

               – AutoCAD 2D and 3D Device Location Details with Cable Routing

                – AutoCAD Point-to-Point Schematic with Cable Color Coding

At the end of the project, we will take your marked-up drawings and send you a formalized set of as-built drawings.

Programming includes our Technical Remote Desktop Assistance to develop your initial database and train you on EntraPASS Global Edition and our Facial Recognition System Enrollment Software.

Your System comes with Four Workstation Licenses that can be installed on any current Windows Platform.  We will remote in and set up your computers at no additional cost to you.

Included is our One-Year No-Cost Remote Support Session Assistance.

Financing Available:

  • Equipment leasing and financing
  • Asset-Based Lending (financing the growth of a company by using a company’s current assets to collateralize the transaction)
  • Medium and Large Ticket Lending, Project Financing
Contact Vince Barauskas
Merrimac Capital Services
Park West Art Gallery - Southfield, MI
EX300 Optical Turnstiles with Access Control
Triangle Assets Lexington Ave - New York, NY
Swing Glass Turnstiles with Card Access
Gene Snyder US Courthouse - Louisville, KY
Custom Opticals on Platform

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 303-670-1099