Analog Firewall

Speech Privacy Protection for Phone, Fax and Modem

Firewall Devices, Sound Masking, and White Noise systems help increase speech privacy and security of your business or organization. We’re GSA licensed, and are the chosen provider of Sound Masking systems by a number of government organizations and businesses. Please continue to learn more about our Analog Firewall device.

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Division of and AVLELEC

Serving Department of State and Corporate America
TSG Standard 6 Disconnect / Isolation Device:
Sensitive and Classified Discussion Areas

Commercial / Industrial Application
Teleconference System
Telephone Analog – Secure “On Hold”
Digital Noise
Telco Room PBX / KTS
Crossconnect Block
Telephone shown in “On-Hook” mode
PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network

Analog Firewall

The Analog Firewall is a US Government approved (NSA Labs) secure telephonic ‘Disconnect/Isolation’ device for use with ALL analog tip and ring devices (phone, fax, modem, teleconference) requiring full-time protection and active countermeasures from unauthorized listening and acoustic monitoring during any ‘On-Hook’ condition. 

Specify the FWA101H whenever the protection of financial transactions, trade secrets, intellectual property, ideas, or any critical and confidential information must remain private to ensure the organizations a competitive edge, earnings, and growth.

Data Sheet – Analog Firewall Model FWA101H  (TSG 5S0204)

Analog Firewall TSG 5S0204 Approval


  • For ALL analog tip and ring devices
  • Phone, Internet modem, fax, and teleconference
  • Prevents unauthorized listening
  • Prevents any on-hook condition, preventing ‘bugged’ audio monitoring
  • Ensure the privacy of conversations for the protection of financial transactions, trade secrets, and critical confidential information
  • NSA Labs Approved
  • Secure SCIF Device
  • Model FWA101H (TSG 5S0204)

SAPF / SCIF Soundmasking

Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)

Classified information concerning or derived from intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes, which is required to be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of Central Intelligence.

SCI Facility (SCIF)

An accredited area, room, group of rooms, buildings, or installation where SCI may be stored, used, discussed, and/or processed.

Cognizant Security Agency (CSA)

Intelligence organizations or agencies that have the authority and are responsible for all aspects of security program management with respect to the protection of intelligence sources and methods and for implementation of the DCIDs for activities under their view.

Senior Officials of the Intelligence Community (SOIC)

The head of an agency, office, bureau, or intelligence element listed in Executive Order or successor orders, directives or laws.

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