JG Kern – Sterling Heights, MI

Multi-Entrance Security System Temperature Screening Turnstiles and Gates Initial project map J.G. Kern – Sterling Heights, Michigan J.G. Kern Enterprises is an incredible facility that develops and manufactures refined components for drivetrain and powertrain assemblies used all around the world. TURNSTILES.us is honored to provide them with a complete engineered Turnstile Security System. — Security […]

JFK Terminal One w/AECOM Tishman – Portable Turnstiles and Guard Offices

EntraPASS Construction Site Turnstile System JFK New Terminal One Redevelopment GSA # GS-07F-9239S www.TURNSTILES.us is a professional organization dealing with the physical and electronic securing of building entrances with Turnstiles, Mantraps, EntraPASS Access Control Hardware, and Software since 1989. We are a U.S. Federal Government Contract Holder (GS 07F 9239S) and are registered with the U.S. […]

JE Dunn – Gilbert, Arizona

JE Dunn Construction – Gilbert, Arizona We provided a custom-built Turnstile unit for JE Dunn Construction. The photos below show the building and assembly process through to the completed project. — Outlaw Industries AG-30-TT Tandem Turnstile — Custom Turnstile Canopy with chain link siding — Portable, heavy-duty steel base — Rooftop Solar Panels — Card […]