Smyrna Truck – Milledgeville, GA

Smyrna Truck – Milledgeville, GA Submitted to:Smyrna Truck / Fouts Submitted, Inc.January 2024 The team at is delighted to provide our Turnstile Solutions for SMYRNA TRUCK / Fouts. Selected equipment information is listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to secure your facility with Turnstiles and ADA Gate with fingerprint Access Control – Proudly […]

SK EcoEngineering – Commerce, GA

Submitted to:SK EcoEngineeringCommerce, Georgia Submitted, Inc.March 2023 – Present The team at is honored to provide our Turnstile Security Solutions to SK EcoEngineering. Please find the selected equipment information listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to secure your facility. SK ecoengineering provides unrivalled services in Battery and Core materials for batteries including LiBS, […]

SHAWCOR – Houston, TX

Access Control Security Entrances Submitted to:SHAWCORHouston, TX Submitted, Inc.November 2022 – Present Project Member Access > Click Here (Password Required) SHAWCOR Channelview Site Overview HEAD END EQUIPMENT (1) EntraPASS Global Edition Computer(1) Intercom Master Station(1) Ethernet POE 8-Channel Switch(1) Fargo DTC 4500 Photo ID Printer (4) Fargo DTC Color Print Ribbons (250 Prints)(1) HID Prox […]

Springs Rescue Mission – Colorado Springs, CO

Springs Rescue Mission – Colorado Springs, CO provided two full-height turnstiles with access control to secure the campus of Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado. A single point of entry into the grounds is essential to ensuring safety and security of all the people present. The turnstiles are situated outdoors along a fence line. Custom programming included integration of the equipment […]

SJ Thomas Company – Lansdowne, PA

SJ Thomas Company – Lansdowne, Pennsylvania installed an attractive and modern RD70 Monitor glass turnstile and matching glass ADA Door for the SJ Thomas Commercial Contractors building in Lansdowne, PA. RD70 Monitor Turnstile T-36 ADA Door Completed Work

Southern Company 2 – Waynesboro, GA

Southern Company 2 – Waynesboro, GA Southern CO is in need of turnstile access control with a durable shelter. Our buildings are one-piece, mounted on a concrete slab, and sturdy enough to withstand 200mph hurricane winds. and Outlaw is pleased to provide: (2) 8 x 34ft EntraBOX Fiberglass Buildings (12) Outlaw AG-30-T Single Turnstiles […]

Southern Company – Plant Vogtle 3 & 4 Waynesboro, GA

Southern Company Plant Vogtle 3 & 4 – Waynesboro, Georgia Southern Company is a gas and electric utility holding company in the USA serving the second largest customer base in the country. is proud to have provided Plant Vogtle 3 & 4 with a full turnstile entrance remodel. The project involved the dismantling of […]

SilverLeaf Resorts Water Park – Dallas, TX

SilverLeaf Resorts Waterpark –Dallas, Texas We installed an Access Control Point with wristband entry for the SilverLeaf Resorts location in Dallas. — (4) Waist High Tripod Turnstiles — (1) Extra Long Waist-High ADA Swing Gate — RFID Wristband Scanners

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