City of Laredo, Border Crossing - Laredo, Texas

People crossing the border from the Mexican state, Tamaulipas, will go through our custom-manufactured coin-operated, motorized turnstiles.

The project involved demolition of the old biometric system (which did not work well for them), and the installation of our new coin-operated turnstiles on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Take a look at the project below:

Coin Operated Turnstile with Custom Collection Box

We designed a custom coin box that will work with our Mangetic MPP 222 – IP 44 Motorized Turnstiles.
A prototype was in place for a year with no issues, then we produced an array of turnstiles to replace their old system.

Data Sheet – MPP 222 / IP 44 Tripod Turnstile

Completed Work

Installation 1st Floor

Installation 2nd Floor

Demolition of Previous System Design and Manufacturing Drawings, Layouts, and Documentation

Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3
Drawing 4
Drawing 5
Drawing 6
Drawing 7
Drawing 8
Drawing 9
Drawing 10
Final Approved Documents
Vector White Board
MP 112 Turnstile Schematic

City of Laredo

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