Aurubis - Buffalo, New York

Aurubis AG is listed on the stock exchange and is the largest copper producer in Europe and the largest copper recycler worldwide. The company headquarters is located in Hamburg, Germany. is proud to have designed and installed a full turnstile canopy entryway with man trap at the Buffalo, NY facility.

"Jesse and Jesse Jr did a great job for us and the installation looks real good. I didn't have to spend too much time with them either so that allowed me to concentrate on other shut down jobs I had going on in the plant. Thanks for meeting our schedule."
Mark W. Leahey
Sr. Mechanical Project Engineer
Flat Rolled Products
Aurubis Buffalo, Inc.

Aurubis Custom-Built Turnstiles with Man Trap and Full Canopy

Installation Photos: Day 1 - 12/27/2019

Day 2 - 12/28/2019

Day 3 - 12/29/2019

Day 4 - 12/30/2019

Day 5 - 01/02/2019

Completed Work - Thank You everyone at Aurubis!

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