Lear Corporation - Alabama

We are honored to have been chosen to provide Lear facilities in Alabama with an Access Control Security System and USA Steel Turnstile entries with mesh ADA Swing Doors. This upgrade in security was prompted by a tragic shooting event that occurred on August 4th, 2019. Now the entrance is electronically controlled to only allow entry of those with proper authorization.

– Access Control Badge Reading System

– Outlaw AG-30-T Full Height Turnstiles

– Outlaw AG-36 Full Height ADA Door

– Full Installation at two locations

Location 1 - Tuscaloosa, AL

Location 2 - Cottondale, Alabama

Back and Front view of Gate

Completed Work

Location 1 and Location 2 each received : (4) Outlaw AG-30-T Single Turnstiles and (1) AG-36-ADA Gate.

Location 1 – Tuscaloosa

Location 2 – Cottondale

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