Controlled Access Full Height Turnstile – RD70 Monitor Series (Aluminum with Lexan)

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The Monitor RD70 is a stylish, three-vane, revolving-door-type high-security portal. It’s designed for locations requiring improved visitor security, or as the barrier between production and office areas. Instead of a traditional physical barrier to prevent passage in the wrong direction, this model features an ultrasonic sensor to enforce traffic flow, and also reduces wind and noise transfer between connected areas. These units will perform the same way a traditional full height turnstile does with a less imposing look. It’s available in a clear anodized or a dark bronze finish. Ideal for many indoor applications, this unit can have a significant impact on reducing the effects of noise and wind.

Matching ADA Glass Door, Anti-Tailgating System and more options are also available.

Data Sheet – RD70 Monitor Turnstiles
Data Sheet – T-36 ADA Door
​Data Sheet- Anti-Tailgating System

Production Worksheet for Manufacturing


Tiffany RD70 Full Door Secure Aluminum and Polycarbonate Portal technical drawingTiffany RD70 Aluminum and Polycarbonate Portal technical drawing
DIAMETER 72.284″


  • Interior Use
  • Ideal for separating offices from production areas, lunchroom entrances, call centers and is used to enhance lobby vestibule entrances
  • Three-vane, tamper-resistant with the aesthetic appearance of a revolving door
  • These units offer a modern, open feel while providing a secure full height portal
  • Designed so that inbound and outbound traffic flows through in the same area of the portal
  • An ultrasonic sensor is installed into the canopy to act as a barrier preventing wrong-way passage
  • Can be interfaced with optional LCD counters, computer attendance systems, card readers, push-button and wireless remote controls
  • Access control system integration –


  • Home Position Switch – Additional limit switch provides a SPDT output while at home for security integration
  • Proximity Sensor Upgrade – Replaces limit switches with proximity sensors for part longevity
  • Bi-directional Key Override Set – Only available as fail-open
  • Card Reader Mounting Plate/Enclosure (1 per electronic direction) – For mounting most standard card readers
  • Daylight Visible Indicator Lights – A tri-color (R/G/Y) indicator light. Most models only use R/G.
  • Single or Double Push Button (installed on-site)
  • One Channel 900 MHz Wireless Receiver (one per direction)
  • One or Two Button Wireless Key Fob Transmitter
  • Metal Detection Portal – HI-PE walk-through multizone metal detector integrated into turnstile with a remote relay unit that locks the turnstile upon alarm to disallow entry
  • DSI Entry Sentry Optical Anti-Tailgating – Adds an extra level of security by locking the unit and sounding an alarm in the event of a second person following another without presenting credentials (available on the inbound direction only)
  • Cold Weather Package – Includes thermostat-controlled heater and insulated mainframe
    *Additional options are available upon request.



  • Electronic Both Ways only
  • Due to the unique design of this unit, it should either “fail open” or “fail lock” in both directions
    (not one of each direction)
  • *Fail Open is strongly recommended


This turnstile operates with the durable 6500 Series Control Head (Included with RD-70).
This flexible, easy-to-service modular control system allows for our units to be configured to meet your unique security needs.



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Weight 1550 lbs

RD-70 (Turnstile Only), RD-70 and Optical Anti-Tailgating, RD-70 and T-36 Glass Door, RD-70 with Anti-Tailgating and Door