CVX021 Software and Updates

MoFace Software for desktop allows you to manage your device activity from your administrator computer. View Pass Records, Personnel Access Logs, and manage your access database. Conveniently download new releases of MoFace Software and other Device Updates anytime from this page. Content is posted as soon as it becomes available and new releases are cumulative.

The desktop software runs on a Windows OS (Apple not supported at this time) and communicates to the CVX021 Device by your internet connection. See the Documentation below for more information. 

07| Version 01/25/2021
Default User: sys_admin
Pw: sys123456


If you are updating from an older version of MoFace, you must uninstall the previous version before installing the new one. Your Personnel Database and Access Logs can be exported from Moface (.xls files) and then imported into the new version. Follow these instructions to uninstall the previous software.

In Your File Explorer, Navigate to the MoFace Program File save location
(default name is MoFace_x64, commonly in C Drive)


Please download the most recent version of MoFace Software (above).
Below is a changelog. Older versions of MoFace Software for Desktop are available by request from

07| Current Version Above
     > Version 01/25/2021
      Developed the SMTP function, allowing you to input a custom sender email address.

06| Download .ZIP >> MoFace Software Version x64bit
   > Version 8/20/20
   Default User: sys_admin    Pw: sys123456

05| Download .ZIP >> MoFace Software Version x64bit
  > Version  8/7/2020 
   Added to email address byte limit, you can now enter 50 bytes. Updated some words in the company management. Modified the search function.
   Default User: sys_admin    Pw: sys123456

04| Download .ZIP >> MoFace Software Version x64bit
  > Version  7/27/2020
   Added: Mailbox Manage emailing function, PAS Data Flow

03| Download .ZIP >> Patch:  PAS Data Flow
   > Update 7/27/20
   Solved PAS missing record report generation.

02| Download .ZIP >> MoFace Software Version x64bit
  > Version  6/9/2020

01|  Download .ZIP >> Moface Software Version x 64 bit
  > Version  5/14/2020


Your device will arrive with the most recent App version. Any updates or improvements to the interface will be posted here. 
Below are available update files for the CVX021. This is an open source platform that we encourage developers to investigate and customize for their own needs.


*To ‘flash’ updates to your CVX021 device, download and unzip file, and copy the contents to a USB flash drive. The USB Drive must be in FAT32 Format for these updates to work. Plug the drive into the device and the CVX will recognize it. Follow through and restart device to apply the update.

04| Download .ZIP>> CVX021 Facial Recognition App
  > Current Version 9/10/2020
  > Added more characters to the user name input fields on the app, increasing from 18 to 30. Added white halo to face frame display for better recognition alignment. Moved temperature adjustment from background to System Settings menu. This version includes all previous updates. NOTE: Uninstall the previous app before installing the new one.

03| Download .ZIP>> Device Update:  Add Characters to Temperature Programming
Update 8/20/2020, Edit 8/28/20 file re-uploaded
   > Use only if device does not allow programming of temperature over four characters. Use only on round camera models. This update allows five characters to be entered within Temp Alarm settings (100.4)

02| Download .ZIP >> Device Update:  Add More Characters to Temperature Display
   > Update 7/31/2020
   > Use only if device does not display temperature read over four characters (100.) 
     This update adds to the readout, improving Fahrenheit display.

01| Download .ZIP >> Device Update: Display Fahrenheit
   > Update  5/14/202


The following pages include CVX021 product information, setup and support guides.
More resources are actively being developed, so check here for our news. Thank you for choosing


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