Custom SG4 Optical Turnstile
- DPR, Newport Beach, CA

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DPR Construction, Inc.
Newport Beach, CA

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Completed July 2022 is a professional organization dealing with the physical and electronic securing of building entrances with Turnstiles, Mantraps, EntraPASS Access Control Hardware, and Software since 1989. We are a U.S. Federal Government Contract Holder (GS 07F 9239S) and are registered with the U.S. Federal Government System for Award Management (#181428611). Please find photos and documentation for this project below.

Custom SG4 High-Glass Optical Turnstile

  • Single lane configuration
  • Bi‐directional passage
  • ADA-compliant passage width
  • High-Glass (special frame and motor to support this)
  • Sleek modern style with clear wing doors and sides
  • Stainless steel body with contemporary black shine accents
  • ‘Mousehole’ for conveniently running wires
  • Custom Development and Production
  • Detailed AutoCAD Documentation Complete

AutoCAD Documentation

Manufacturing Photos

Installation Space

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