Turnstile Installation

$ 11,026.00$ 67,873.00

Products, freight, and miscellaneous materials cost Not Included. Based upon travel within the continental U.S.



Use this page to create an estimate for your turnstile installation. In a world where security is more and more important every day, turnstiles integrated with access control are becoming an industry-standard all around the globe. The team at TURNSTILES.us has decades of experience with every type of turnstile imaginable – from mild to maximum security, cutting-edge, high technology to the old Robot turnstiles manufactured 50 years ago. When you do business with us, we provide outstanding levels of expertise, dedicated service, and will support your project with the utmost care. Please see our drafting, engineering, documentation and computer programming services.


*Estimated Installation

Our Expert Field Technicians arrive to install your Turnstiles and related Access Control systems. If more than 2 Installers may be needed for your job, contact us for a custom quote. Our techs install all types of turnstiles.

Meet the Installation Team


TURNSTILES.us Installation
2 Technicians / 3 Days $ 11,026.00
2 Technicians / 4 Days $ 14,160.00
2 Technicians / 5 Days $ 17,732.00
2 Technicians / 6 Days $ 20,866.00
2 Technicians / 7 Days $ 24,000.00
2 Technicians /  14 Days $ 44,842.00
2 Technicians /  21 Days $ 67,873.00


Estimates are based on the following variables and include:

  • Field Labor
    • 2 Men On-Site
    • Priced Per Day
  • Travel and Accommodations
    • Hotel
    • Vehicle
    • Airfare round-trip
    • Tools and Per Diem


  1. Contact Us
  2. Send Photos. We’ll evaluate your current site, provide product suggestions and estimates.
  3. Receive a Proposal. Review floor plans, AutoCAD mapping and construction timelines.
  4. Finalize. Approve the finished proposal, submit payment and make final arrangements. Products are typically shipped to your site before installation day.
  5. Installation. Our technicians complete installation and ensure that you are comfortable operating your new system.
  6. Support. One Year of Telephone Support with Remote Desktop and Updates.


Click to enlarge. Shows original client photos of four facility entrances, planning stages, drafting, 3D modeling, and the finished work.

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Additional information


2 Technicians


3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days, 7 Days, 14 Days, 21 Days

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