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Select the add-on and built-in items to accompany your turnstile order.

If you need Security Management software, All of our turnstiles can be managed with EntraPASS.


Add-On Options for SINGLE Turnstiles


Item Configuration Qty
8-Digit Key Resettable LCD Counter SINGLE 1
Battery Backup SINGLE 1
Bidirectional Key Override Set 1
Card Reader Mounting Plate (Qty 1) 1
Card Reader Mounting Plates (Qty 2) 2
Cold Weather Package 1
Daylight Visible Indicator Lights 1
Double Push-Button 1
Electronic Controls 1
End Caps Black 52
End Caps Safety Orange 52
Full Passage Cover Stainless 1
Half  Passage Cover Galvanized 1
Half Passage Cover Powder Coated 1
Half Passage Cover Stainless 1
Heel Guards Black 1.5″ 3
Hinged Lid 4′ 1
Heel Guards Black 1.75″ 3
Home Position Switch 1
Lockout Bar 1
Portable Base Plate  Galvanized 1
Proximity Sensor Upgrade 1
Single Push-Button 1
Wireless Receiver (1 per direction) 1
Wireless Remote 1-Button 1
Wireless Remote 2-Button 1





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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Single Turnstile Options

8-Digit Key Resettable LCD Counter, Battery Backup, Bidirectional Key Override, Card Reader Mounting Plate, Card Reader Mounting Plates for Entry and Exit, Cold Weather Package, Daylight Visible Indicator Lights, Double Push-Button, Electronic Controls, End Caps Black, End Caps Safety Orange, Full Canopy Standard, Heel Guards Black 1.5″, Heel Guards Black 1.75″, Hinged Lid, Half Canopy Powder Coated, Half Canopy Galvanized, Half Canopy Stainless, Home Position Switch, Lockout Bar (Single / Qty 1), Metal Detection Portal, Portable Base Plate Galvanized, Proximity Sensor Upgrade, Single Push-Button, Wireless Receiver (1 Per Electronic Direction), Wireless Remote One-Button, Wireless Remote Two-Button