Man Trap Security Entrance

Submitted to:
Dioro Jewelers
Danville, CA

Submitted by:
Patrick McAllister, Inc.
April 2023

The team at is honored to present you with our High Security Access Control Solutions. Please find the selected equipment information listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Location Photos

Man Trap Entrance for Dioro Jewelers

Automatic Man-Trap
35.4″ Wide
12V Battery Backup
Bi-Directional Bank Locking Controller

Modify Mantrap to use existing door as the first entry
Equipment Detail and Dimensions
Wiring Diagram

1. Establish a high security entry and exit for the location while preserving the outer face of the building, as it part of the local Historic District.

2. Add a mantrap cubicle inside using the existing door as the first entry.

3. Modify our standard automatic mantrap cubicle by removing the first door, aligning it with the existing frame, and installing access controls.

4. Custom bronze color. Perforated Top, ½” Glass, 3M Security Film.

*Note: The standard unit is not ADA-Compliant. This would require a larger cubicle with 5′ interior diameter for a wheelchair to turn around. Let us know if this is a requirement for your location.

3D Concepts

AutoCAD Equipment Location Detail

5/5 Advantage

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We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project.

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