CPW-122Y Chroma Glow Optical Swing Gate Turnstile

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The CPW-122Y Chroma Glow Swing Gate Optical Turnstile delivers intelligent security, technology, and style with beautiful sidelights glowing through semi-opaque panels. Custom colors allow for a lot of aesthetic possibilities. Its bright, futuristic design features a durable stainless steel housing and mechanism modules imported from Europe. Brushless DC motors and precise positioning encoder ensures the swing gate can move quickly and accurately, stably and quietly, with low-power consumption and energy conservation. Products are well-researched and each unit goes through strict and careful inspection. This unit is widely used for sites requiring intelligent management for the passage of people – such as in a hotel, airport, school, factory, facility, etc. The equipment is provided with a standard electric interface for integration into a system with write/read facilities such as biometric access control, magnetic card, bar code card, ID card, or IC card. Priced per lane.

Product Manual – CPW-122Y Optical Swing Gate




  • The semi-transparent side panels are fully illuminated, conveying a strong sense of technology.
  • Interactive Red/Green direction indicator lights guide pedestrians through.
  • Turnstiles have a clean rectangular stainless steel frame and unique angled wing shape.
  • Choose side colors: Blue, Purple, Green, or White Glow (ask about decal application)
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Green and Red Indicator Lights
  • Custom Gate Materials and Colors available


  • 650 or 900mm Passage Width, Bi-Directional Swing, Embedded Readers Optional.
  • By using more than 10 pairs of high-performance infrared sensors and exact algorithms, it can accurately detect the pedestrian’s passing position to achieve functions, such as anti-tailgating and anti-reverse passing.
  • Independent research & development of lossless mechanism structure and high-quality imported DC brushless motor (mechanism core) are configured to ensure the swing gate turnstile a long lifespan.
  • Turnstile’s mechanism & control system has passed a 10 million turn lifetime test.
  • Equipped with a dry contact signal input interface, RS485/RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with all kinds of access controllers.


  • The corners are designed with arcs to avoid sharp corner injuries to ensure the safety of users.
  • Triple anti-clamping: Infrared anti-clamping, mechanical anti-clamping, and anti-collision by advanced electric current detection.
  • Anti-collision control: When the gates instantaneously encounter an impulse force that is beyond the safety range, the gates can be slowly pushed for some distance to buffer the impact force towards the mechanism and the reversed impact force towards the user.
  • Anti-shock: All electric modules are designed to operate under a low voltage and configured with a residual current protective device.
  • Power-off Auto-Open Technology: When power is off, the turnstile system will automatically disarm the gates.
  • Emergency open: Equipped with a fire alarm setting control device.




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