MTA Transit Full Height Turnstile with Curved Arms

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The MTA Transit style turnstile is a robust, full-height single turnstile designed for top-notch perimeter security. Featuring curved arms for spacious passage and a sleek, futuristic look, it offers both functionality and style. Custom built to order.


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The MTA Transit turnstile is a heavy-duty full-height turnstile that is extremely suitable for ensuring outside perimeter security. This turnstile is constructed with curved arms for a roomier passage space and a unique, smooth and futuristic appearance.

The MTA Transit provides controlled entry either mechanically (no access control system/software, such as a pool gate where the passage would be used for only exiting and no entry), or electronically (with an access control system, card readers, fingerprint readers, etc for keeping track of who is on and off-site). It is constructed in the USA.

Data Sheet – MTA Transit

Drawing – MTA Transit

Certification of Test – MTA Transit

Correct vs. Incorrect Center Rotation


  •  The MTA Transit Turnstile is three  wing type with a cage barrier. The barrier is equipped with curved steel tubes in the ceiling to cover the unpaid section. It is fabricated from stainless steel type 304 No. 4 finish and be easily converted from clockwise to counter-clockwise direction. The overall height of the wheel is 7 feet and the outer diameter is 5 feet – 6 inches.
  • A perforated curved stainless steel shield is provided to increase visual security. A U-shaped stainless steel channel is welded to the top of the overall diameter of the wheel.
  • The equipment is constructed using material and fabrication methods that assure maximum strength and durability in normal operation and which exhibit a high degree of resistance to vandalism and abuse.
  • All mechanical operating parts are housed in protective enclosures. The edges of all covers and posts are rounded and all surfaces shall be smooth and free of burs. • All joints and seams are sealed to prevent entry of water or other liquid into the turnstile equipment.
  • The MTA Transit Turnstile is durable and easily maintainable. Lubrication fittings for mechanical assemblies are easily accessible to maintenance personnel without disassembly of any parts.
  • The MTA Transit Turnstile is furnished with an emergency rotor release mechanism.



  • A counter for the locking mechanism
  • Cold weather package
  • Hinged lid
  • Portable base
  • Electronically controlled both directions
  • Can be configured for 110v or 220v
  • Powder coating over galvanizing
  • Several powder coat color options (see color chart)



  • Powder coating over galvanizing
  • Several powder coat color options


See more photos from this installation here.

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Additional information

Weight 800 lbs

MTA Transit Turnstile, MTA Transit Turnstile with AG-36-ADA Gate

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