Harrah’s Casino – North Kansas City, Missouri

We are honored to present Caesars Entertainment and Harrah’s Casino with the best in Optical Barrier-Free Turnstiles and Occupancy Tracking Solutions. Please find selected equipment information listed below. Thank you for choosing TURNSTILES.us.


— Remove and Replace Existing Turnstiles

— Each lane will operate independently

— Communication with Software by LAN

— New turnstiles to fit in the existing footprint

— Smart Camera Monitoring

— Live Count/Record Pedestrian Entrance and Exit

— AutoCAD Point-to-Point Wiring Schematic

— AutoCAD Device Location Detail

Occupancy Management Solutions

OP1000 Series Optical Turnstiles

Main Floor Entrance

  • Three Redundant Lanes
  • Eight Total Cabinets

 Second Entrance Sky Bridge

  • Two Redundant Lanes
  • Six Total Cabinets

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Barrier Free Optical Turnstiles

Thank you for choosing TURNSTILES.us.

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