SG2 Series Low Glass Optical Speed Gate

$ 15,134.00$ 22,224.00

This modern speed gate features high-technology optical sensors and swing glass barriers to facilitate access control in secure areas indoors.
Priced per module (Master/Primary Cabinet, Secondary/Slave Cabinet, and Center/Hybrid variations). Standard finish is Stainless Steel with Clear tempered glass wings. The SG-2 Series comes in Standard or Wide wing, with Low Glass or High Glass. Freight not included. Contact for more information.

Build your array one module at a time to fit your space perfectly.




The SG2 Series facilitates access control in secure areas indoors. Typical usage includes passenger traffic ticket and access control points, airports/seaports, authorized personnel entry points, passenger flow direction, access control points in secure buildings (e.g. federal facilities, including border crossings, departments, other agencies and branches, ticket control and fee collection points, stadiums, multi-purpose arenas, access control, and TNT systems in the workplace, e.g. offices, special areas in factories. Priced per module (Master/Primary Cabinet, Secondary/Slave Cabinet, and Center/Hybrid variations).  The standard finish features Stainless Steel and Clear tempered glass. More color selection is available.

Data Sheet – SG2 Series Swing Glass Optical Speed Gates


  • Ideal for indoor use in prestige settings
  • Swing Glass Optical Turnstile Speed Gate
  • 304 Stainless Steel Module
  • Clear tempered glass
  • Lane Width: Standard 26″or Wide 35″
  • Glass Height: Low 36″



  • *Click here for SG2 Series High Glass Optical Speed Gates
  • Color powder coating for cabinets and color glazing for gates
  • 35.4 inch Lane (ADA compatible width)
  • Integrate with EntraPASS Access Control System, Ticketing, Time and Attendance, Visitor System
  • Readers appointed by customers, card PIN Password Barcode Scanner or Biometric Reader
  • Integrate with face recognition system, fingerprint identification system, ID card recognition system, or passport identification system






  • SG-2 Series Overall height: 36″ Low Glass, 51″ High Glass
  • SG-2 Series Passage Widths: 26″ Standard, 35″ Wide
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*Above Shown on an Optical Turnstile Mounting Platform Base

Installation Services Available.
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