FIFA 2026 World Cup
Turnstile Entrance Solutions

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Patrick McAllister, Inc.
April 2021 – Present 2024

The team at is honored to present our Turnstile Access Control Solutions to FIFA. Please find the selected equipment information listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Turnstiles with Access Control


  • SBT1000S Swing Barrier Turnstiles
    • Qty 114 Turnstiles (110 for use / 4 spare)
    • Waist-High with Swing Gate
    • Located at the Inner Stadium Perimeters
  • Transition Strip Base walkway beneath Turnstiles
  • QR502 Touchless 2D Code Readers
    • Ticket Scanners Built-In to Turnstiles
    • Access is Controlled by Valid Scan
    • Designated VIP Entrance Management
  • Electronic Access Control System (EACS)
    • Server and Monitoring System
    • Software Tracks Reader Entries
  • Antennae Module for Increased Wireless Capacity
  • Backed-up Electrical and Data Networks
    • Extra Rechargeable Batteries for Each Turnstile
    • Stainless Steel Casing for Batteries

SBT1000S Series Turnstiles

- ADA Width
- Anti-collision protection
- Fast and precise
- Click image for details

QR500 Series Code Reader

- Touchless scanning
- Embed in a turnstile
- Reads QR and Bar Code
- Click image for details

3D Concepts

1. Wrap Design Sport Stripes
2. Wrap Design Solid Stripes
3. Stainless Steel with Etching
Concept Image - Click to Enlarge

Electronic Access Control System

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Synchronizes with Turnstile Scanners

Live Monitoring and Data Tracking

Counts a variety of metrics including:

Total Opens, Total Scans, Total Exits, Access Denied, etc.

Report Entrances by Custom Type

Scope of Work


  • Provide and Install 110 Battery Operated Portable Turnstiles.
  • Provide two sets of Rechargeable Batteries for each Turnstile.
  • Turnstiles will read your choice of 2D Barcode or QR.
  • Each Turnstile will have a static IP and reside on a secure, private wireless LAN.
  • Provide and install Turnstile Wireless LAN Network.
  • Provide Database that shows each Turnstiles individual count as well as a total for facility.
  • Database will also report on scans for which access is denied.
  • Turnstiles will reset when a valid scan is read, but no one walks through the Turnstile.
  • We will send a crew to set up the system the week before the event and remove it the week following the event.
  • We will keep two technicians on-site to assist.
  • We will keep four spare turnstiles on site.
  • We will keep spare parts on-site for emergency repair.
  • We will work with your graphics department on design development.
  • We will obtain the required Licenses to operate during FIFA World Cup and test events.
  • Pre-sell World Cup branded turnstiles to benefit FIFA and the hosting location.


  • CCTV Video Recording System
  • Aiphone Video Intercom Station at Each Entrance
  • Anti-Tailgating Alarms
  • Metal Detection
  • Facial Recognition with Temperature Check
5/5 Advantage

We are a One Stop Shop

  • We provide Turn-Key Service with Value-Added Engineering
  • We provide Access Control Elements integrated with the Turnstiles
  • 32 Years of Experience
  • Pride in Craftsmanship
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We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project.

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