Solar-Powered Portable Turnstile

Harder Mechanical Contractors - Portland, OR is pleased to provide our Custom Built Turnstile System with Access Control and Photo ID Badging to Harder Mechanical Contractors (and Air Products). Find selected equipment information below as well as fabrication photos as we build your product. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing, Inc.


Equipment Data


(2) AG‐30 Tandem, Galvanized, Full Height Turnstiles
(2) 6′ x 10′ Turnstile Canopy
(2) 6′ x 10′ Portable Base
(8) 4′ x 10′ ADA Ramp
(6) Solar Panels
(1) EntraPASS Global Edition Workstation
(8) HID Prox Card Readers
(2) KT‐400 Door Controller
(2) KT‐ Battery and Power Supply
(8) Relay Base and Snaptrack
(1) Plenum Shielded Cable Wiring Package
(2) Logitech WebCam
(1) (500) Test Cards PVC
(1) EntraPASS Photo ID Printer
(1) Printer Ribbon for 1000 Cards
(1) HID ISO Prox Cards (1000)
(1) Sleeves for Proximity Cards (1000)
(1) Lanyards for Proximity Cards (500)
(1) Badge Clips for Proximity Cards (500)
(1) Shop Labor

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Fabrication Photos

- Manufacturing In Progress - Check for Updates -

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