Custom Security Entrance

Submitted to:
John Kerwin and Brendan Rys
Ahold Delhaize
Retail Business Services
Stop and Shop
Chester, NY

Submitted by:
Patrick McAllister, Inc.
February 2023

The team at is honored to provide our Turnstile Security Solutions to Retail Business Services. Please find the selected equipment information listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to secure your facility in Chester, NY.

Location Photo

Chester Preferred Option
Central Entrance with Fenced Area

Secondary Option
Two Smaller Entrances

Security Entrance Building and Fence

Concept 1 - Sky View

Featured Equipment


(1) Insulated Fiberglass Building
(1) Tandem Turnstile
(2) ADA Gate 36″ passage, 1 beside turnstile, 1 at employee exit
(1) ADA Gate 48″ passage, outside with anti-climb-over fence
(1) Evolv System
(1) Guard Desk
(1) HVAC System
(TBD) Black Steel Security Fence


Installation Available 
(4) Factory Installers
(TBD) Days of Field Labor
(2) Days Travel
Shipping and Crating
Provide 2D PDF AutoCAD ELD
Provide Electrical Requirements Riser Diagram
Provide required permits and documents

* Fence Supplier recommends adding 10-15% more linear feet than estimated to cover a margin of error during installation.
* Electricity and conduit to be brought to base of equipment by customer.
* Area beneath the building shall be a flat even surface.

3D Concept

5/5 Advantage

We are a One Stop Shop

  • We provide Turn-Key Service with Value-Added Engineering
  • We provide Access Control Elements integrated with the Turnstiles
  • 32 Years of Experience
  • Pride in Craftsmanship
Kennedy Tank - University of IL
Enclosed Glass Turnstile Canopy
Ahold Delhaize - Butner, NC
Fiberglass Security Building
JG Kern - Sterling Heights, MI
Entrances w/Facial Recognition
Ahold Delhaize - York, PA
Canopy and Glass Building

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