EntraPASS Redundancy Server

The EntraPASS Redundancy Server Option creates a real-time copy of the system database.


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The EntraPASS Redundancy Server with a mirror database monitors all data activity on the primary EntraPASS server and creates a real-time copy of the system database. In the event of primary server failure, the mirror database automatically launches the redundancy server which supports all the features and functionality of the primary server. Once the primary server returns online, all archives are merged and/or the entire database is merged/copied from the redundancy server, without interrupting system operations.

Use as an option with any edition of EntraPASS – Learn more about the award-winning access control software here.



  • Programming and Systems Integration with selected options from Turnstiles.us and EntraPASS.com
  • 1 Year of Telephone and Scheduled Remote Desktop Support
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