JDSeries JDS-DA2 Faceted Drop-Arm Turnstile

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Featuring a sleek architectural design, JDSeries Drop-Arm Turnstiles help security staff manage and control the flow of people through a building. These units use sensors to monitor building entrances, dropping the barrier arms down into the cabinet upon authorized passage, then lifting them back into position after the person has passed.

Increase the security standpoint of your facility in style with JDS-DA2 Drop-Arm Turnstiles. Order per lane – contact us to discuss your configuration.


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Our Drop-Arm Optical Turnstiles operate quickly, stably, and smoothly while consuming little power.

The JDS-DA2 Drop-Arm Turnstile has a single arm that quickly pivots into the cabinet to allow entry. Its housing is made of #304 stainless steel with a minimal footprint, convenient for installations with limited floor space. Multiple optical sensors embedded into the cabinet prevent the gate from closing while someone is in the lane and trigger audible/visual alerts to deter unauthorized entry. It has a sleek and stylish look in any location thanks to the compact design, brushed finish stainless steel finish, and unique faceted cabinet shape.

The turnstile may connect to the fire alarm system to instantly open the gate in the case of a fire. The lane opens entirely when the arm retracts into the cabinet, providing easy passage for carts, wheelchairs, and luggage. Increase the security standpoint of your facility in style with JDSeries Drop-Arm Turnstiles.

Data Sheet – JDS-DA2



  • Drop-Arm Turnstiles with Optical Sensors
  • For Interior Use or Outdoor use under a shelter
  • Ideal for a range of locations, modern appearance
  • Helps you manage the flow of people into and out of a building
  • Strong and Durable
  • Audio and Visual Alerts
  • Superior unauthorized passage detection
  • Safety beams ensure proper access clearings
  • Optical sensors prevent unauthorized crawling
  • Standard or ADA-compliant passage width
  • Integrates with access control systems
  • Uni-directional and bi-directional operation
  • Arms automatically drop during a power outage
  • Slim cabinet design fits in smaller spaces



 Housing Material  #304 stainless steel
 Dimension  47.2 x 6.5 x 39.4 in
 Power Supply  AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
 Passage Width  23.6 in
 Drive Motor  DC 24V brush motor
 Pass Speed  ~40 persons per minute
 Input Interface  Dry contact, +12V signal, or DC12V pulse
 Rotating Direction  Bi-directional programmable
 Communication Interface  RS485
 Rest Time after Power On  3 seconds
 Open Time  0.2 second
 Life Cycle  3 million times
 Working Temperature  -22°F~+158°F
 Working Environments  Indoor, outdoor with shelter



  • Card Reader Mounting
  • Matching Post/Rail and Glass Barriers
  • Custom Wraps/Branding



Contact us for installation information and to get a quote!!


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