KT-400 Expansion Module

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The powerful KT-Series Controllers and Accessories operate a wide variety of turnstiles. This flexible, easy-to-install expansion module allows for our units to be configured to meet your unique security needs.


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The KT-MOD-REL8 is an 8-relay outputs expansion module used as general relays or elevator control outputs.
The module supports daisy-chaining which can add up to 32 KTMOD-REL8 modules for a total of 256 external relays per KT-400 controller. You can mix relays and outputs in the same SPI group, up to 256 outputs.

Data Sheet – KT-400 Controller


  • The KT-400 SPI port maximum current draw, when the 12V AUX terminals are not used, is 500 mA.
  • An external power supply (12 VDC, 2 Amps) is required when the total current draw exceeds 500mA on the SPI Port.
  • There are already 4 relays available on the KT-400. Make sure to check the relays number assignments to prevent redundancy unless it has been planned on purpose.


  • Maximum Current Draw: up to 330 mA per module
  • Each relay supports the 2 conditions, NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed), the C (Common) terminal is +12 VDC
  • Each relay has its own LED to indicate status, ON for active
  • Eight (8) programmable relay contacts rated 30 VDC, 3 A
  • Can be used for elevator control
  • Can be mixed with output module KT-MOD-OUT16 in the same group
  • Operating Temperature: -10C to +55C, 0C to 49C for UL Listed product
  • Maximum Humidity: 93% (non condensing), 0 to 85% (non condensing) for UL Listed product
  • IP Class 3X, IK Rating 04 (when mounted in a KT cabinet). IP and IK ratings not evaluated.


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